Chambers Blog Covers Makowski, Polls & Kids

Mike Chambers' Denver Post Blog had three entries this week. Go to the head of the class if you can name DU's three previous USHL Defensive Player of the Year recipients. Incoming recruit David Makowski became the fourth winner this week. Chambers points out that Makowski is older than Patrick Wiercioch who he will replace in the Pioneer lineup.

Chambers is cheesed off at the final polls. DU ended up fourth. I think that's about right based on the season they had.

Congrats again to the Colorado Thunderbirds Under-16 National Championship. We'll probably see a player or two from that team in Pioneer uniform around 2013 or so.

Finally thanks to Mike Chambers and the Denver Post for covering the team this season. With the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, the Post could of slacked off and just posted game blurbs this season. Chambers really squeezed a lot of extra coverage into his Blog and the inside scoops all season were excellent. My favorite article all season was the front page of the sports section about "Madness Arena" and our student section.


puck swami said...

Fourth is a little generous based an is based on DU's season performance.

Eighth probably reflects the playoff drop to where DU was by the end the season.

In reality, DU were somewhere between the two. The Pios weren't as good as their season performance, but I don't think they were as bad as the playoff performance. Unfortunately, that anemic ending really tarnished what was a great year,

Anonymous said...

I personally like Mike's blogs and stories. He's somewhat of "homer", which is to be expected; but he also at times, will step out of the comfort zone and call it like he see's it - even though it may be hard to hear or digest; or perhaps piss some people off in the DU organization....but usually he's dead on when he does it. It's clear he has a great rapport with DU - and I think that's vital.