Chambers Blog Covered A Lot of Topics This Week

Mike Chambers' Blog had quite a few interesting items in the past week.

Quentin Shore, the third of four Shore brothers, has been selected for the U.S.N.D.P. Under-17 Team. DU has offered him a scholarship for 2012.

The University of Denver's goaltending will be very young next season. Murray is still only 18 and Sam Brittain is 17. Both Peter Mannino and Marc Cheverie were 20 years old when they arrived on campus at DU. Chambers also asked Murray about the "Alaska Rumor."

Chambers has exit conversations with Patrick Wiercioch and Joe Colborne. Chambers raises an interesting point about DU snatching Wiercioch in the 11th hour from Wisconsin. Obviously Wiercioch played a huge role in DU's success the past two seasons. Not many programs could withstand the loss of a player of Patrick's ability and yet its Wisconsin that will play for the National Championship tonight. Good luck to Wisconsin tonight.

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