Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Student Entrance For Hockey & Hoops Video


Anonymous said...

This is cool. I AM NOT a student. I had no idea all athletic events were FOC for students, save hockey. The enterance/courtyard thingy is truly a neat idea. Not quite sure how well that will work out in January when it's like 18 degrees... but still - a great effort. Student ticket revenue can't possibly pay for all that. So my question is, Whattya' got for us old folks who shell out the big money for full season tickets? Anything new and exciting? Where's my special enterance? LOL I don't even get a brat or chicken leg from DUGS; I have to either buy a cold/half-cooked, Solminela-incubating-foot--long-Pioneer Dog or a carved turkey Sandwich and a beer for $15.00, every game - all season long.... AND pay for parking.

puck swami said...

While the student courtyard/entrance is designed for the students first, regular non-student fans are not restricted from enjoying it.

Also, watch out for more pre-game events at local DU bars and restaurants. There is one this Saturday at Spanky's, and I'd expect more of them later in the year.

dggoddard said...

Two weeks ago at the University of Vermont game in Burlington, they had $1 Hot Dogs. Simple idea, easy to do and actually quite good dogs.

It doesn't take much to give loyal fans a good experience.

As I understand it, fans are welcome at the DU Grilling Society events. You don't have to be a student. The kids are really proud of the food that they cook and I sampled the Mahi-Mahi and it was restaurant quality.

Come to Spanky's before the game on Saturday night and load up on $1 Coors or Buds. And then pop by the D.U.G.S. event and grab some free grub.

Anonymous said...

d.u.g.s. is free for EVERYONE every Saturday hockey game and Thursday basketball game. Student Activity Fee money and sponsorships help out. The more people that show up, the more food we'll start bringing. And Bud/Bud Light are $3.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!