Post Video Clips Of Zeke Perez & DU Blogger

(above) Investigative sports reporter Mike Chambers of the Denver Post wants to uncover who runs the "LetsGoDU Slush Fund," where the money comes from and why no DU Alums are talking

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has a video interview with DU student Zeke Perez about his visit with Jesse Martin and his family on Saturday. Perez flew to Minnesota, presented Jesse with a giant banner signed by thousands of DU hockey fans, a gift basket from the DU Student Senate, a card from the Pep Band, a "Jesse Martin" sign that a DU student made for Friday night's game and "Pioneer Nation" Whiteout Shirt.

Chambers also is on a quest to find the alums paid for the trip to visit Martin. He won't get anything from me.


Anonymous said...

why does it matter who paid for the trip, it's was just a class thing to do. If the donor(s) wish to remain anonymous, even better. whoever it was, thanks. -- chase

UDenver20 said...

agreed. what does it matter?

Anonymous said...

I think the question about who paid for the trip was an attempt to call DG out for the good deed.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he did – he obviously has plenty of disposable income.

If he did pay for it, I say - good for him.

1) Road trip from Texas to Vermont
2) Road trip from Texas to the Front Range
3) Other road trips that I don’t know about
4) A custom DU 57 jersey

PS – he could probably lose 57 pounds – maybe even 157 lbs…

We all have our fingers crossed for Jesse tomorrow.

puck swami said...

I know for a fact that DG spends many thousands of dollars a year supporting the Pioneers and it's fans, both in direct support (cash contributions to DU, cash contributions to student activities in support of athletics and spirit activities like Boone, the band, and other events), and the trips and making this web site among the best fan sites in the college game.

But as well as his cash, Damien also contributes hundreds and hundreds of hours of his time and skills to improve the DU experience for everyone.

This is his love - his hobby and his way of making an impact for his school and those who follow it, and his infectious and unique spirit is a huge part of DU sports. He is a big reason that school spirit continues to improve, and that improvement leads to better athletic results, better recruitment of students and athletes and more engaged alumni.

Anonymous said...

Good for DG. I’m not in a position to dispute that.

Swami – thanks for sticking up for him. Maybe you can blow him on his next visit like you promised. That’s an if (and a big IF) that you can find his dick.


Anonymous said...

7 is more than 2. The block schedule doesn't have time for math.

dggoddard said...

Larry David is upset that Ted Danson made a donation anonymously and then told everyone about it on the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

10:59....great post, nutsack. You are obviously a world class idiot.

Anonymous said...

Do they make a 5X? hahahahaha Gotta love the reply to Chambers blog. Luv ya DG.

dggoddard said...

Chambers is slippery. He lobs a few softballs to give you a false sense of security and then throws in the hand grenade.