Makowski's Shot Draws National Coverage

ESPN's Top Ten Plays Of The Day (ESPN Disabled Video)

Around The Horn (Podcast - last 5% of show)

Pardon The Interruption
(Podcast - last 33% of show)

YouTube (Over 250,000 hits)

New York Times


Puck Daddy

Mile High Buzz-SB Nation (Denver)

Fox 31 TV Denver

Denver Post Recap Of Goal

(above) The shot seen round the world
Magness Arena Ice Surface:
200' x 85'
Goal lines 10' from boards = 180'
90 degree angle from goal lines
Makowski 4' behind goal line
Makowski 10' from sideboards
= 187.3' shot


Amy said...

Hockey makes the top 10...did pigs start flying? Just kidding. Dunks are so over rated know a days. Might get some angry basketball comments now. :)

achsdu17 said...

ESPN always makes some lame slam dunk as the #1 play. It's ridicules.

This is the 2nd time I can remember DU hockey in the top 10 though.

Anonymous said...

Throw rubber at net good things happen...

puck swami said...

Memorable goal in an otherwise dull and ponderous game that seemed to take forever....

puck swami said...

Puck Daddy has picked this up on Yahoo! sports.

We're goin' viral...

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the heads up on Puck Daddy.

Anonymous said...

agree on game taking forever. That 2nd period felt like it lasted 2 hours. I know it didn't, but man that was felt long.

Anonymous said...

EVERY goalie, if he plays long enough, will give up a goal like that, somewhere, somehow. Here's another, but Makowski's was longer..

Anonymous said...

In response to Anon @ 12:55pm,

lets also not forget this one which happened in the NHL:

dggoddard said...

It was debated on ESPN's Around the Horn. They debated to blame Genoe or credit Makowski.

I heard it was on Pardon the Interuption as well.

I'll keep looking for links, but if you find it first, post the links here.

puck swami said...

Now over 130,000 hits on you tube!