DU Hockey Game To Be Televised Nationally

Many were wondering why the University of Denver hockey game at Colorado College was moved to Friday, December 2nd. CBS Sports Network announced yesterday that the game would be televised nationally.

The game will face-off at a special 8 PM MT starting time. 

CBS Sports Network is available throught Colorado on Comcast Cable in High-Def. The Network is also available via satellite on DISH Network (Channel 152) and DirecTV (Channel 613). For more information on go to cbssportsnetwork.com.


Anonymous said...

They are also doing a second game in feb. --C.C. vs. Nebraska omaha.
Mexico can watch that one.

Anonymous said...

will he be on parole by then?

mexico said...

haha... I'll be at that one.

Brett said...

That's so awesome, DU Hockey, moving up in the world!

Skip Wacum said...

Is this game in Omaha or CS?

If it is in Omaha, and mexico is going, somebody better warn any sheep between here and there to get indoors where it is safe until mexico is back home.