Bad Boyz: Culture Of Sexual Entitlement At BU

(above) A Boston University task force called out the school's hockey program for a “culture of sexual entitlement” that exists among the players
by Peter Schworm

A Boston University task force has concluded that the men’s hockey team is detached from the general campus and that a “culture of sexual entitlement” exists among some players, a mindset college officials say contributed to two alleged sexual assaults on campus during the past season.

“Our assessment has shown that a culture of sexual entitlement exists among some players on the men’s ice hockey team, stemming in part from their elevated social status on campus,” stated the 11-page report, which was released today. 

University officials said the culture is marked by heavy alcohol use and casual sexual encounters, and called for a range of reforms to tighten oversight of the team and bring it more into the fold of campus life [read entire article].


vizoroo said...

Wonder what Gwoz thinks considering his only daughter was an student intern for the BU hockey team.

Aluuum said...

The responsible person in this mess is clearly the long time coach Jack Parker but he is untouchable,-- the Paterno syndrome.
He will issue some sanctimonious statements about doing better in the future and this will fade away.

Jay said...

This whole report is stupid. It said they have casual sexual encounters and they drink. Yeah so what? How come if female students have casual sexual encounters its celebrated? I just read a post that brought this hypocrisy up
U of Illinois Chicago promoting this type of double standard.
They want to try to control us.
It be one thing if these guys we all raping women. But having sexual encounters is THEIR choice.

Max Power said...

Must learn to focus.

Max Power said...

Bah, denied by html coding.. forgot about it. Now that last post looks completely stupid.

May Paterno's ghost haunt BU.

Anonymous said...

Gwoz' daughter has transferred from BU to DU this year and is a sophomore at DU.