Boone T-Shirt Giveaway Recalls 2008 Pep Rally

(above) LIVE PHOTO: 200 Boone T-shirts delevered today @ 11 AM MT
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(above) Slideshow of Boone T-shirt giveaway at Spanky's back in 2008

Oct. 11, 2008 - LetsGoDU threw a Pep Rally at Spanky's before DU's opening night hockey game against Notre Dame. 260 students showed up, received FREE Bring Back Boone T-Shirts, made posters, ate burgers and supported Boone. 

Less than ten days later, Chancellor Coombe announced via an email to students that Boone would not become the Official Mascot of the University of Denver. He did allow that, "DU students and alumni be allowed to use the image as a celebration of that past, to the extent that they may choose."


dggoddard said...

Pick up a FREE T-shirt at Crimson & Gold Tavern on your way to or from...

DU Rugby against CC @ 10 AM

DU Women's Lacrosse @ 11 AM vs. Louisville.

Pregame BBQ/Tailgate [Noon] in North Parking Lot (Buchtel side) next to Lax Stadium. DJ Munck Mix will provide tunes & DUGS will grill pork loins with sweet potatoes

DU men's lacrosse game vs. Penn [2 PM]

DU hoops game vs. NMSU [4 PM]

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 11 AM MT Boone T-shirts have been picked up by alumni volunteer. They look great.

Boone T-Shirts will be moved to a "Safe House" near DU to keep one step ahead of Coombe's Goons. If you see Coombe's Goons around DU today looking for Boone contraband, act natural. Don't look them in the eye.

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 12:45 PM MT T-shirts have arrived at Crimson & Gold.

Coombe Daddy spies were unable to prevent delivery.

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 12:58 PM MT 30 students came early to C&G to get shirts.

They lined up to get 'em.

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 1:15 PM only 75 shirts left. Small & mediums almost all gone.

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 1:30 PM DU defeats Colorado College in Rugby 60-20.

DU hockey last night, DU Rugby today... Things are off to a great start.

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 1:30 PM MT Less than 60 shirts left mostly Large & XL's.

dggoddard said...

LIVE UPDATE: 1:45 PM MT DU Womens Lax 19 - Louisville 12 FINAL