Boone Pride On Display At Disney World

(above) Recent DU grad Tim Healy working at Disney World

(left) Tim's lucky Boone necklaces

DU Alum Tim Healy sent me this great message about his experiences working at Disney World.

by Tim Healy

"As the DU ice hockey season begins, there have been some crazy things that have happened to me at Disney World. Several situations related to my experiences as a student at the University of Denver."
  • I ride the gold monorail everyday that DU plays a hockey game. I just find this to be awesome and have actually become superstitious about it. (Because everyone that knows that I bleed Crimson and Gold)
  • I met one customer that is a season ticket holder for the New York Islanders and a huge fan of Rhett Rakshsani ( I should note that on my nametag for work they have my university instead of my hometown), so we were talking about Rhett and Pioneer hockey for 20 minutes.
  • After the LetsGoDU Blog had a story about a Denver jeweler creating a Boone necklace, I just had to buy one (or 2). I wear my Boone necklaces on every game day for good luck. People will ask me about it and love the whole story behind Boone and how he was created by Walt Disney (people go crazy when ever you say Walt Disney).
  • Finally, tonight there was a family from Denver and the son was wearing a Denver Hockey Jersey. I literally flipped out I was so excited! We talked for a long time about the game last night and the CC game in November (it turns out that we will both be at Magness for the game).
  • I really believe that these events are a sign that Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse (those 2 are like god down here) are true DU Pioneer fans and want Boone to return as our mascot. I can't wait to return to Denver for the CC game in 3 weeks and cheer on my Pioneers in person.