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(above) Security video from the lobby of the Aloft Green Bay Hotel appears to show a pasty faced red head tampering with the fire alarm at 7 AM on Sunday morning
DU started four Coloradans against the Fighting Sioux on Sunday.  Drew Shore, Luke Salazar, Chris Nutini and John Ryder.  Certainly a great indicator on the strides youth hockey has made in the state.
Mike Chambers Blog has a story about the fire alarms going off in the team hotel on Sunday morning.
DU's inability to score on several good power play chances early in the second period, cost them some momentum according to the Denver Post.
Good luck to DU's graduating Seniors: Joey Brehm, Jon Cook, Dustin Jackson, Anthony Maiani, Kyle Ostrow, Chris Nutini, Josh Rosenholtz, Jesse Martin & John Ryder.  Martin, Jackson & Ryder have eligibility left and may choose to play for DU next season or in the future.  The Seniors who depart, leave with over 100 career victories and four NCAA Tournament invites.  Both school records.
Congrats to Patrick Wiercioch on recording his first NHL point with the Ottawa Senators. Chris Neil’s goal was originally credited to Nick Foligno, with assists to Neil and Jesse Winchester, but was later changed to Neil from Winchester and Wiercioch.
Yesterday was the busiest day in LetsGoDU history with 2,407 visits.  This month almost 40,000 visits will be recorded.  Sometime over the summer we will receive our millionth visitor.  Thanks as always to our loyal readers, fans, alumni and students who have made this all possible.


Twister said...

Thus begins the long long offseason. I never enjoy this time of year. Yesterday's loss will sting for a while, but this team has a lot to be proud of. Great season.

Best of luck to the seniors. I am really going to miss Captain Ostrow. He was an outstanding leader/player.

Weren't there some earlier rumors/stories about Jackson not coming back but Ryder is? We need another year of Ryder Truck flattening people.


Thanks for the blog. I love this site.

Twister said...

Completely agree on DU's inability to cash in on the PP yesterday--that was a big factor. I thought if DU could manage to get the lead going into the 3rd they had a chance, but going in down 2 with tired legs was a bad recipe.

dggoddard said...

Most think Jackson won't be back. He didn't apply to DU's grad school so that probably seals the deal.

I could see the coaches projecting the lines this summer and saying, "If we just had a power forward..."

Anonymous said...

So what do the seniors do with their helmets, pads, sticks, skates, uniforms, etc.? Does DU keep them or do the seniors keep them?

Anonymous said...

And now starts the "Gwoz Watch." Would not be surprising to see an announcement sooner (like this week or right after Frozen Four) rather than later about his future with DU... and would not be surprising to see him coaching elsewhere. Not that I want that at all... but I think there's a lot going on behind the scenes.

dggoddard said...

Just speculating...

The equipment belongs to the school.

The skates probably belong to the players, but I'm not even sure about that.

Jerseys are auctioned off with the players' names removed, due to NCAA rules.

DU has a club hockey team that might get dibs on some of the older equipment.

ISayIsay said...

Wiercioch scored? How did that happen? Everything I read here said he wasn’t ready for the NHL.

That's a joke boy.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes - the proverbial fire alarm in the middle of the night. oldest trick in the book of cheaters. I GUARANTEE this was intentional. It's a shame, but you and I both know that someone "from the Sioux" was behind that alarm going off. Whether it was an asshole fan, a smartass punk kid, or dare i say even someone from thier hockey program..... which i want so hard to believe, that they would never stoop that low. I really doubt it - I truly do. But.... it's all over now. And somply doesn't matter now.
Let's look forward to next fall.... start mulling over the fresh meat - Larrazza, Van voorhis, Mayfield... who will be the next "name" on everybody's mind at Denver??? Will Nicky Shore go in the NHL Draft in a couple months? Will Jesse Martin be here over the summer and volunteering as a counselor/coach for the highly successful Gwozdecky Youth Hockey Camp??? Lots to be excited about, lots to look forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@11:48 said: "Lots to be excited about..."

UND 6 DU 1


Anonymous said...

Lamian said Gwoz is the best coach in college hockey. Whatever lose some weight dude. Your goalie jersey barely fits you!!!

Anonymous said...

NoDak has a really strong team peaking at the right time, no need for DU fans (some not all here) to make excuses and whine.

DU had a better season than many would have thought back in October, bad last game (at least bad score). But come on, show some pride in the season and respect for an opponent. I am a DU fan and I will be hoping either of the WCHA teams wins the whole thing, hopefully its an all WCHA final.

old pio said...

I think we all felt a great deal of apprehension when we were assigned to a regional with UND. Shades of having to play Michigan at Yost as a reward for being the number 1 seed. As to the fire alarms, I understand a busboy who came across the border at El Paso and later moved to Grand Forks "for the waters" is missing. Green Bay police have put out a BOLO for him. He's described as wearing a polka dot dress and a green wig and having no teeth. Hotel video shows a guy matching that description hanging around the lobby Sunday morning.

The fact is, the Pioneers exceeded just about everyone's expectations this year and (with a little luck on early departures) look to be loaded next year.

I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

5:51....who's whining?? NoDak is a great team....they deserved the victory. DU lost and we're pissed about it. We're entitled to some bitching and moaning. Get off your high horse.

Anonymous said...

DG...UND auctions off all the equipment, including skates. I think they do deals with the brands. Also, your blog was busy because of all the Sioux fans ;)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mannino have a cup of coffee in the NHL?

Rob said...

DU tends to have a varsity gear sale each spring. I have bought loads of sticks ($20), tape (25 cents per role), and otherwise.

My brother plays today King's goalie leg pads from a few years back. $200 in good shape.

I highly recommend the sale!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mannino was in the NHL as recently as a month ago.

He's had several NHL stints to date.

Anonymous said...

Then you'd also have to include Gabe Gauthier as a blue chipper on the 2005 team.

Anonymous said...

How many of the 2005 team turned pro?

Imaws Kcup said...

All NCAA atheletes turn pro...didn't you hear? Just most of them turn pro in something other than sports.

Anonymous said...

Most of the 2005 team played pro after DU. 5 have seen time in the NHL

Skinner: NHL. AHL, Europe
Thomas: AHL, ECHL
Handza: ECHL, CHL
Viedeman: AHL, ECHL, Europe
Gauthier: NHL, AHL, ECHL
Stastny: NHL
Paukovich: AHL, ECHL
May: ECHL, Europe, CHL
Foster: AHL, CHL
Fulghum: AHL, ECHL, Europe
Ulanski: AHL. ECHL, CHL
Dingle: AHL, ECHL
Halme: Europe
Corbin: AHL, ECHL. CHL
Carle: NHL,AHL
Laatsch: AHL
Fisher: AHL, ECHL
Mannino: NHL, AHL. ECHL
Drummond: AHL, ECHL