"Spirit Week" Kicks Off At DU

(above) LetsGoDU will give away 100 Boone posters this weekend
Wednesday and Thursday the University of Denver Spirit Cart will be manned around campus by student volunteers handing out fliers and promoting the weekend's sporting events on campus.

Friday there will be a pregame concert put on by BSA in the Student Pub in the Driscoll Center from 5-7 PM featuring the artist KHLEO. The DU vs. UND hockey game will have a late 8 PM  start because it's televised nationally on NBC Sports Network.

On Saturday Greek Life will be tailgating on Driscoll Green starting beginning at 11:30 AM with the lacrosse game vs. Michigan at 1:30 PM and hockey at 7 PM. 

The DU Grilling Society [DUGS] will be hosting a free BBQ for students, alumni and fans from 5:30 PM until the food runs out before the UND hockey game.

On Sunday both men's and women's basketball games against North Texas will be at Magness Arena, starting at 1 PM and 3:30 PM respectively. These are the final home games for our Seniors, so it would be great to support their fantastic seasons with a large turnout.


Anonymous said...

Great to see the students getting behind the teams, and the real effort in spirit-related activities.

These kids are bringing the student body closer together, making the DU experience better and helping our teams win games.

dggoddard said...


I also think its a good idea to piggyback several name-brand events on campus during the same weekend.

But its also important that the events aren't on at the same time. Earlier this season the Friday Night Lights soccer game was on during most of the hockey game.

Ring_of_Fire said...

That "co-scheduling" thing happens with lacrosse occasionally, too, which is certainly frustrating...doubly so, because fans of hockey and lacrosse frequently overlap. By scheduling them at the same time, people are forced to choose between one and the other, which does nothing but hurt the attendance of both.

I mean, I get the cache of playing sports like soccer and lacrosse under the lights. It's fun for the athletes and the fans alike. But really, on these multi-sport weekends, DU should make the "marquee" event the evening hockey game and have everything lead up to that.