Was Likens In Possession Of Coach's ID?

(Far Left) Mike Eaves was quite the playboy during his undergraduate days at the University of Wisconsin

(Above Right) Jeff Likens is currently embroiled in "CountryGate" where he alledgedly damaged a family's tent at 4 am and was then arrested

LetsGoDU has learned that Badger Hockey player Jeff Likens was in possession of several teammates ID's when he was arrested last weekend. Is it possible that one of the ID's was Mike Eaves old student ID from his undergraduate days at the University of Wisconsin?

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Fan Poll Question of the Week:

Who's ID(s) do you suspect was in Likens possession when he was arrested?

99 Badger, Bucky M Jr 1/1/50
21 Brandt, Andy, F, Jr 6/1/83
16 Burish, Adam(C), F, Sr 1/6/83
27 Carlson, Ross, F, Jr 2/21/82
25 Degenhardt, A.J., C, Sr 8/28/82
11 Dowell, Jake, F, Jr 3/4/85
4 Drewiske, Davis, D, So 11/22/84
10 Earl, Robbie, F, Jr 6/2/85
C Eaves, Mike 6/10/56
1 Elliott, Brian, G, Jr 4/9/85
6 Engel, Josh, D, So 7/7/84
18 Ford, Matthew, F, So 10/9/84
14 Gilbert, Tom(A), D, Sr 1/10/83
24 Joudrey, Andrew(A), F, Jr 7/15/84
31 Licari, Nick, C, Sr 1/9/84
5 Likens, Jeff, D, Jr 8/28/85
19 MacMurchy, Ryan, F, Sr 4/27/83
3 Olinger, Matt, D, Jr 4/3/83
8 Pavelski, Joe, F, So 7/11/84
7 Piskula, Joe, D, So 7/5/84
28 Slinde, Jeff, D, So 10/31/84

Eaves Denies Knowledge of Fake ID Ring

Wisconsin State Journal Article

When the Wisconsin State Journal asked National Championship winning Hockey Coach Mike Eaves about the IDs of various Badger hockey players in the possession of Jeff Likens, Eaves replied, "I don't know anything about that."

Senior-to-be Likens is expected to be "sanctioned" by University of Wisconsin men's hockey coach Mike Eaves after being cited for disorderly conduct and underage drinking over the weekend.

A defenseman and assistant captain for the defending NCAA champion Badgers, Likens was arrested early Saturday at a campground near Cadott, which is just west of Eau Claire. Likens becomes the first nominee of the pretigious 2006-07 Bad Boyz of the Year Award.

Eaves expects to have a "pow-wow" with Likens on Monday.

Colorado College Invited to White House

May 25, 1957

Dear Coach Bedecki,

Vice-President Nixon and I would like to congratulate Colorado College on your recent National Championship in Men's Ice Hockey. As you know, I often visit Colorado Springs to play golf at the Broadmoor Resort. I can't tell you how proud Mimi and I are of your team of fine young men. We will look for your Championship Banner on our next visit to the Broadmoor.
I understand this is your second National Championship, but I am sure that this is just the beginning of many more to follow. If you and the team get an opportunity to travel out East, you have an open invitation to visit the White House.
Dwight D. Eisenhower "Ike"
Likens was in Possession of Fake ID's

(Left) Police found these blank ID's in the Storage Closet of the Kohl Center hidden under a box of "Wisconsin Badgers 2006 National Championship" commemorative hockey pucks

WEAU Channel 13 Link (with video)

The Police are saying that Wisconsin hockey player Jeff Likens had several of his National Championship Winning teammates ID's on him when he was arrested. I'm sure when the smoke clears it will turn out that he was just holding the ID's for his teammates and never actually inteded on using them to procure alcohol.

Anyone want to bet that all of the teammates are over 21?
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Bar Owner Charged

From our friends at Fox 9 News in Minneapolis

A criminal complaint obtained by the Fox 9 Investigators accuses bar owner Mike Mulrooney of serving alcohol to University of Minnesota hockey players who were underage. It also says police found evidence he gave Mens Gopher hockey players hundreds of dollars worth of free drinks and they gave him free tickets to games (Can you say Quid Pro Quo? - I don't know what it means but this Blog could definately use some Latin).

FOX 9 cameras were rolling last fall (2005) as underage members of the Gopher Hockey players were waved past security and allowed inside to drink at Blarney Pub and Grill in Minneapolis (For some reason, I never tire of this story).

After the FOX 9 report aired, Minneapolis police started questioning employees of the bar, as well as the athletes. Investigators also seized bar records. And over the course of several months built their case against Mulrooney.

Mary Ellen Heng/Minneapolis Asst. Attorney: "I do think its one of the more serious that I've seen in my 8 years in this office (Mary Ellen needs a new line of work. I see more serious crimes being commited on my drive home from work each evening)."

Prosecutors say in February of 2005 Mulrooney allowed team members to bring recruits who were under 18, into the bar to drink. According to the complaint, Mulrooney even picked up the tab, worth nearly 370 dollars (I want to drink with that guy. All my friends head to the bathroom when the check is about to arrive).

Mary Ellen Heng/Minneapolis Asst. Attorney: "Several players stated that they were at the bar during the recruiting weekend and that Mr. Mulrooney was present and the students were playing a drinking game and a couple of students indicated that he participated in that drinking game with them (He probably was taking a break from the drinking game with the underage co-eds at Table 4 )."

Prosecutors say star players Phil Kessel and Jeff Frazee were two of the recruits who drank at the bar that weekend (So thats how the Gophers landed Kessel. Badger fans have a right to be upset with Wisconsin Coach Mike Eaves for not taking Phil to a bar during the recruiting visit to Madison). Both reportedly consumed so much alcohol that Mulrooney arranged for a bartender to drive them back to their hotel. That same weekend, prosecutors say, Mulrooney got free tickets to a game from a player.

Our investigation found this wasn't the only time underage recruits were taken to Mulrooney's bar. Our cameras recorded it happening again in October of 2005. Our investigation also documented that players gave Mulrooney tickets to at least 5 games (I need to buy the Border Bar next to Magness Arena. I can never get good tickets to the Pioneer Games)

Former employees told us Mulrooney said he liked having athletes as customers because they attracted more business (For those students majoring in Bartending out there, here's how it works...Athletes attract Hoochies and Hoochies attract dumb guys who have to drink a lot to build up the courage to talk to chicks that want nothing to do with them). Last fall, Mulrooney denied doing anything wrong. More recently, we tried talking to him about the criminal charges, but he declined to comment.

Ever since our initial report last fall the University has declined to allow either the hockey coach or athletic director to be interviewed by the Fox 9 Investigators. We were even banned from attending the teams media briefings (ouch...Fox 9 News is still upset about that incident).

The University did issue a statement about the charges against Mulrooney: "The conclusion of the police investigation allows us to complete our own investigation (errr....coverup....cough...cough) into whether or not NCAA rules were violated." The U says that investigation should be finalized in the near future (...say by 2025).

Mulrooney faces 9 counts of serving alcohol to minors (Interestingly #9 is the only number between 1 and 10 that was not worn by a Holy Cross player in last season's monumental upset of the Gophers. So if you ever see a Sioux fan walking around in a #9 Holy Cross Jersey, its a fake).

National Chumps Go Camping
(Left) The Chippewa County Sheriff's Department was amazed that no one was hurt in the tent damaged by the underage Badger hockey player.
Number of Wisconsin Players Spending the Night in Jail in 2006-07: 2
Congratulations to the Defending National Champion Wisconsin Badgers for becoming the first team to place a player on the 2006-07 All Bad Boyz Team.

Police say Jeff Likens, a Badger hockey player who's about two-months shy of his 21st birthday was busted this weekend at Country Fest (Who knew the Badger hockey team liked country music?). Senior defenseman Likens was arrested early yesterday morning in Cadott.
Officers say he fell into a tent just before four o'clock in the morning and that upset the family inside of it (Thats what the family gets for not using barbed wite to protect the tent from Badgers). The report also alledges that Likens "broke the stucture" (tent killer).

"Our officers from the sheriff's department went down to the campsite, made contact with the individual, transported that individual to our command area, received very little cooperation..." (Coach Eaves better talk to his players about the "do's & don't" of getting arrested during the first meeting next Fall) says Eugene Gutsch with the Chippewa County sheriff's department.

Likens was ticketed for underage drinking and arrested for disorderly conduct.

He spent some time in jail but was later released.

(above) DU Recruit Keith Seabrook was selected in the 2nd Round

Five DU Players Drafted By NHL Teams
2 DU Recruits Commit to DU a Year Early

LetsGoDU has learned that Keith Seabrook & Tyler Ruegsegger have decided to attend DU this fall instead of 2007. Obviously the NHL scouts agree as both players were selected yesterday in the NHL Draft.

Three other University of Denver hockey recruits were also selected in the NHL Draft yesterday in Vancouver. This is the highest number of DU players ever taken in the NHL Draft. The previous record was four players seleceted in 1972, 1989 & 2005.
Defenseman Keith Seabrook was selected in the 2nd Round by the Washington Capitals. In an ironic twist of fate the next player selected was a kid out of Quebec named Mathieu Carle. DU fans may recall that Matt Carle was selected in the 2nd Round by the San Jose Sharks, so this is a pretty good omen for Seabrook.
Seabrook, 17, played in 58 games for Burnaby Express of the British Columbia Hockey League in 2004-05, recording eight goals and 20 assists for 28 points, and posted 70 penalty minutes and was the Express’ rookie of the year. He posted 34 points (10 goals, 24 assists) and 81 penalty minutes in 2005-06 and was a member of the Express’ 2005-06 Canadian Junior A championship team.
In the 4th Round, the New York Islanders selected right winger Rhett Rakhshani. Rakhshani played for the US National Developmental Program during the 2005-2006 season, tallying 18 goals, 23 assists and 41 points in 50 games. According to the Islanders, he is a shifty and agile skater with strong nose for the net. He is also known for setting the tone for his teammates with gritty play and a strong worth ethic.
"Rhett is a skilled player with a great first couple of steps," said Islanders scout Brian Hunter. "He is real quick with the puck in tight areas, and sees the ice well. He'll be a joy to watch for Islanders fans."
Tyler Ruegsegger from Lakewood Colorado was selected in the 6th Round by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ruegsegger has played for Shattuck St. Marys and on the USA National Team (Under 17) in 2004 & '05. He showed exceptional development last season and will bypass the USHL next season and enroll at DU this Fall.
The next DU player selected was goaltender Marc "Chevy" Cheverie by the Flordia Panthers in the 7th Round. Finally, Jesse Martin was selected in the 7th Round by the Atlanta Thrashers. Cheverie & Martin will attend DU in 2007.

DU's Revised 2006 Recruiting Class

Rhett Rakhshani
Matt Glasser
Brian Gifford
Cody Brookwell
Keith Seabrook
Tyler Ruegsegger

12 Current DU Players Who Have Been Drafted

Chris Butler - Buffalo
J. D. Corbin - Colorado
T. J. Fast - Los Angeles
Glenn Fisher - Edmonton
Brian Gifford - Pittsburgh
Matt Glasser-Edmonton
Geoff Paukovich - Edmonton
Rhett Rhakshani - N. Y. Islanders
Tyler Ruegsegger - Toronto
Keith Seabrook - Washington
Paul Stastny - Colorado
Andrew Thomas - Washington
UND Grab Alaska Anchorage Leftovers

(Left) UND Coach Dave Hakstol (in disguise) is seen rummaging around the WCHA dumpster looking for players to fill his roster after the NHL defections ravaged his team this offseason
The University of North Dakota passed on Shea Hamilton the first time (Good move on UND's part, he only tallied 10 goals and 8 assists more than DU Third String Goaltender Danny King in the past two seasons).

But when the 5-foot-11, 200 pound center faxed UND his release from the University of Alaska Anchorage last month, the Sioux didn't pass again (Obviously losing half the roster to the NHL changes your recruiting philosophy).

Hamilton, a sophomore at Anchorage, will transfer to UND this fall, but will have to sit out the 2006-07 season because of NCAA transfer rules (Damn NCAA Rules...First "Logogate" now this).

Hamilton, a Winnipeg native, said he wasn't originally recruited by UND, but he was offered a scholarship a little bit after UND coaches got his release (Probably when Hakstol realized that after graduation & NHL defections they might only have seven players left on the team).

Hamilton scored three goals and had four assists in 24 games for the Seawolves last season. He had seven goals and four assists in 19 games as a freshman (About what Gretzky used to get in two games).

"There was some conflict of personality between me and my coach (Turns out Coach Shyiak doesn't like penalty-ridden, sucky underachievers)," Hamilton said of first-year Seawolves coach Dave Shyiak. "I don't really want to get into it." (Of course savvy readers will notice that mentioning the conflict, you are "getting into it" Shea...)

"North Dakota was my first choice. It is a winning program every year (not if they continue recruiting UAA leftovers). Playing with a team like the Sioux, you always have a chance to win a national title (As long as they don't have to play DU in the Tourney)."

Hamilton will join the team as a junior in 2007-08.

For more information on Hamilton, visit the Herald's Sioux hockey blog at http://gfheraldsiouxhockey.blogspot.com/.

WCHA Official Has A Record Of Consistency

MINNEAPOLIS — A longtime Minnesota hockey official is still working even though he has a criminal record for sports gambling and bookmaking.

Michael Heichert has officiated in several leagues prompting ethical questions

Michael Heichert of Richfield has officiated in the WCHA despite at least 14 criminal charges being filed against him over the past 19 years, court records indicated (thats less charges than the 2005-06 All-Bad Boyz Team, but still...).

The 43-year-old was convicted of a drug conspiracy misdemeanor after police caught him with seven bags of marijuana and about $2,500 in cash during an August 1987 sting (it was medical marijuana, wink, wink).

A felony charge followed in January 1990 when police accused him of accepting $2 million in wagers on sports, including high school hockey (who the heck bets on high school hockey. Somebody call Gamblers Anonymous). Heichert pleaded guilty and later withdrew the plea after his case was sent towards dismissal on the condition that he pay a $1,000 fine and abstain from criminal activity for a year (easier said than done).

Between 1990 and 1996, he faced allegations of driving with a revoked license, driving while under the influence of alcohol and several other motor vehicle infringements (damn cops).

In December 1999, Heichert had felony charges filed against him for gambling and sports bookmaking. He was accused of taking around $850,000 as sports wagers between August 1998 and January 1999, though no evidence indicated he gambled on hockey (Obviously Mrs. Gretzky wasn't a client), Minnesota Gambling Enforcement agents said.

Prosecutors plea bargained with Heichert in August 2000, which resulted in two years of probation, 45 days on work squad duty (Everybody sing...thats the sound of the men workin' on the chain gang...)and a fine of $3,000. Following probation, the felony became a misdemeanor – which Heichert tried having expunged from his record in November 2005, but a judge disagreed in a ruling earlier this year (damn judge).

Throughout this period, he continued officiating in leagues across the United States (Hey, a guys got to work).

“I think I have paid my debt to society,” Heichert said. “I’m a law-abiding citizen and have not broke the law since that last thing (And OJ hasn't killed anybody in the past 10 years).”

He started with the Western Collegiate Hockey Association in 2004 and remained there through this season. Other experience included several seasons journeying around hockey’s minor leagues with stints in the CHL and UHL before working in the SPHL this season.

“Michael Heichert did work for the WCHA as an assistant referee,” Greg Shepherd, the league’s supervisor of officials, said, “but is no longer working for us (from now on we're going to hire "honest referees").”

Heichert denied further comment, insisting he is reformed.

DU Lands "Dr. Evil" As New Assistant Coach

In what can only be descibed as a major coup, DU Hockey Coach George Gwozdecky has added Derek "Dr. Evil" Lalonde to his coaching staff. Lalonde will take a break from "world domination" to focus on DU goaltenders & defensemen this season.

His contract with DU is being finalized, but his agent, Number Two, is reportedly asking for "One Hundred Billion Dollars."

Lalonde has been cryogenically frozen up at Feris State for the past four seasons when he inadvertantly stepped outside in the brutal Michigan winter to get the morning paper.

As a player, Lalonde received his degree while goaltending at SUNY-Cortland, where he was named team MVP and holds four goaltending records.

Lalonde, famous for his unconventional training techniques, is planning on adding sharks with "frickin' laser beams on their heads" to the DU swimming pool to improve the reflexes of goaltenders Peter Mannino & Glenn Fisher.