LetsGoDU Names BU Team "Bad Boyz Of The Year"

On the holiest of college hockey days, when the Hobey Baker Committee awards its grand prize to the best player, LetsGoDU awards its 2012 Bad Boyz Of The Year Award.

For the first time ever an entire hockey team has walked away with the prestigious Golden Handcuffs.  2011-12 was the "Year of the Felony."  College hockey players players took social irresponsibility to to a new low.  But no individual or team did more to sully its reputation than the once mighty Boston University hockey program.

Gone are the days of bar fights, pinching co-eds in bars, drunk driving and missing curfew.  Now the buzzwords are money laundering, sexual assault and battery.

Boston University senior and Hockey East leading goal scorer Corey Trivino kicked things off in December charged with three counts of indecent assault and battery. Charlie Coyle, a Minnesota Wild prospect, quit the BU hockey team five days after Trivino’s arrest, saying he was “done being a student-athlete’’ and wanted to focus fully on hockey.  Not to be outdone, Max Nicastro, a defenseman on the BU men’s hockey team, was arrested in February by the Boston University Police and charged with sexual assault.

Trivinio was a two-time Bad Boyz contender.  Back in May 2010, Trivino was suspended for an alcohol-related incident before the Hockey East semifinals and missed time at the start of the 2010-11 season.

Runner-Up - Michael Colavecchia, after completing his freshman hockey season (6g, 12a) at Rochester Institute of Technology, was arrested over the Summer and charged with money laundering and conspiracy in an alleged scheme to defraud the Toronto Transit Commission.

Past Winners
2010-11 - Stop Sign Bandit, St. Cloud State
2010  -     Lifetime Achievement Award - North Dakota Hockey Program
2009-10 - Lawn Mower Tossing & Running From Cops, North Dakota
2008-09 - Hockey Team Fights Football Team, Michigan State
2007-08 - Threesome Recruiting Visit, Colorado College
2006-07 - Casino Brothers, Nebraska-Omaha
2005-06 - John Scott, Michigan Tech


Anonymous said...

More jealousy from Doug.

dggoddard said...

40% of the arrests for sexual assault on BU's campus were hockey players.

That's a record that might never be broken.

Anonymous said...

A new low indeed.

Perhaps Jack Parker and BU should call in Police Chief Packett from Grand Forks for a little "talk with the team". It seemed to work with UND....

Anonymous said...

Who's Doug??

timt89 said...

DG -- I commend you and the committee on your thoughtful selection of Boston University.

They have taken a page from Kentucky's 'One and Done' playbook and taken it to the next level.

Reminds me of a Charles Manson quote: "You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy"...especially at BU!

Anonymous said...

The 1973 NCAA University Division Men's Ice Hockey Tournament: Denver's participation in the tournament was later vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions. Might want to declare those Canadian goons.

ScottA said...

Dora, Trotter... Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...just saying.

Anonymous said...

The 1973 team's NCAA "Vacation" had nothing to do with anything illegal done by the players on that 1973 team during that season.

The 'vacation' was a retroactive penalty placed in 1978 on the Pioneers when DU stood up to the NCAA and would not participate in a whitewash deal offered by the NCAA.

At the time, the NCAA was trying to get rid of allowing Candadian junior recruiting. The NCAA offered a deal to certain teams that if the schools declared players "ineligible" that NCAA would then restore those players' to be eligible in a grandfather deal.

The big "issue" was the small stipends (less than $300 per month) that junior players got for incidentals. The NCAA considered that stipend to make juniors pros.

DU's chancellor said "no way" to a deal with the NCAA. He would not call his own legally-recruited players to be "cheaters."

The NCAA then slapped DU serious violations for not taking the deal, which seriouly affected several DU teams in the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

Charlie left because he was going to be kicked off due to academic ineligibility..... Don't think he should be taken as a negative to the program. And th hockey team takes up the majority of the sexual assault arrests at bu because the rest of the guys that attend don't like the ladies.......