(above) Gabe Gauthier scored the biggest goal in DU hockey history against Maine and is "Pro-Boone." However, Gabe may have to Google "Tattoo Removal" if DU changes the Mascot

Nicknames, Logos & Mascots

Nickname: Pioneers
Logo: DU
Mascot: Boone
The Boone Revolution is starting to gain momentum, so perhaps its time to look into the political correctness debate and try and figure out where and if Boone fits in the 21st century at the University of Denver.
I see DU retaining the "DU" Logo on the uniforms, similar to Notre Dame and the "ND" or Oklahoma and the "OU." There's no Leprechauns or Sooner Wagons on their uni's and I see that working for DU. We are the University of DENVER and as such that should be the primary focus on the uniforms. Boone is a mascot. There is a difference.
Boone (or a female Boone) is a caricature and wouldn't appear on the uniforms unless the administration, individual teams, captains and coaches want him on the uniforms. Its about choice. If our teams want Boone (or female Boone) on the front or sleeve, each team could decide, but I'd suspect that it would only be on the "third" or "throwback" unis.
Boone is Old School
I'd like to see Boone brought back for financial and emotional reasons. Boone will sell a bucket load of merchandise with the caricature affixed. Boone will pay for himself a hundred times over in increased revenue. You just know the alums are going to stock up on the "Old School" Boone Jerseys.

The political correctness debate
Assuming for a second that the Pioneers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Sooners, US Government or whomever else contributed to the decline of the Native American population, one thing everyone can agree on; Walt Disney's caricature did nothing to harm anyone.

(left) The DU unis wouldn't change at all

Is Boone offensive to our female athletes? I can't speak to that, but DU should offer a female version of Boone that exemplifies our "Pioneer Spirit."

This whole mess was created by a past administration, near as I can tell, most of whom never attended the University of Denver. The fact that Boone was eradicated and none of our Alumni protested at the time is an embarrassment and the blame lies solely on our alumni, myself included. We didn't fight to protect our mascot.

Our current student body is fighting to bring Boone back, using the internet, Facebook and modern technology. Its a wonderful expression of their Pioneer Pride. I salute our students and our alumni support you.

Lets Go DU and Lets Bring Back Boone
CSTV Rink Rat Blog Covers Denver Boone Survey
(left) Elliot Olshansky covers college hockey for CSTV. In the past year he visited nearly half the college hockey arenas in Division 1 (including Magness) and saw a majority of the teams play.

We've got a bit of everything going on today: a new schedule, a mascot issue, a new head coach in the women's game and a tad of rivalry debate fodder as we hop from Bemidji to Denver to Boston.
Sounds like one tough road trip!
Now, having mentioned Denver, I'd like to point out a very interesting survey being taken at DU right now. The school's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is actually polling website visitors as to their preference between former mascot Boone and new (since 1999) mascot Ruckus. I know the change has long bothered Pioneer fans, and it was interesting that an April article in DU's student paper, the Clarion, didn't mention real political correctness issues with Boone, other than, "his portrayal of the Western stereotype of a guy. After all Denver Boone was a male pioneer and that could be awkward for the women's lacrosse team."
Is that the best they can do? Really? Well then, I guess we had ought to find a different mascot other than Jonathan Husky Dog to appear at UConn women's sporting events. Let Miami's women's teams know that Sebastian the Ibis won't be stopping by, and cancel Sam the Minuteman's reservations at the Mullins Center for women's basketball while we're at it. Heck, maybe Baldwin should stop going to BC women's games. After all, while we've never been officially told the gender of BC's lovable eagle mascot, "Baldwin" is the term Alicia Silverstone uses to describe attractive guys in Clueless (oops, there goes my hockey credibility again), so Baldwin's got to go, too.
But seriously, I don't think it's that big an issue. I mean I could see this if the all the DU teams were the Denver Boones - to be honest, I've wondered how female athletes at Fairfield (Stags), South Carolina (Gamecocks), etc. feel about their teams' gender-specific nicknames - but the team is the Pioneers, and Boone just happens to have been the mascot. And as far as I'm concerned, he should be again. But then, it's not really my business. It's up to the Denver students and alumni - and any other interested parties - to vote on this one.
(above) NHL Rookie Of The Year candidate Paul Stastny is "Pro-Boone"

Boone vs. Ruckus Online Opinion Survey

The email below was sent out to DU students yesterday from Alyssa Hampston & DU goaltender Peter Mannino, who represent the Student Senate Athlete Advisory Council. The email asks DU students to decide between Ruckus the Red Tailed Hawk and DU's former mascot the Denver Boone, designed by Walt Disney in 1969.

The email might be a test of the Athletic Department's resolve. In an October 2006 interview with The Clarion, AD Athletic Director Peg Bradley-Doppes stated, "The Athletic Department belongs to the students."

Dear DU Undergraduate,

Recently, we've felt a push to bring back our beloved mascot, Boone. To empower the voice of DU students, we are quantifying this sentiment by surveying the DU undergraduate population.

Please take this survey seriously as these results will be tabulated and presented to DU administration. Click here to enter the survey

Please respond by Friday, June 1.

Thanks for your participation --

Alyssa Hampton
Peter Mannino

AUSA Senate
Student Athlete Advisory Council

A Winning Legacy
DU Claims 1969 National Championship

From: University of Denver Magazine
by Mike Flanagan

By 1969, DU owned college hockey. From Boston to the deep frozen ground of Minnesota, from the proud Ivy League to the barren landscape of North Dakota, the Pioneers were anticipated with appropriate dread. The Pioneers were coming for you.

Wonder coach Murray Armstrong was at the top of his game, his message resounding with authority and experience: As an individual player you might match up to your opponent, and then again, you might not. As a team, a true team, you could beat anyone.

Heading into the 1969 season, Armstrong was aiming for his ninth 20-win season.

"We had a great nucleus," recalls Tom Miller, BSCE '69, who played center. "Ten guys came in as freshmen and played all the way through. We went into games thinking we were going to win."

As juniors in 1967-68, they posted a 28-5-1 record, finishing first in the WCHA. From there, they were off to the NCAA tournament in Duluth, Minn., where they socked Boston College (4-1) and North Dakota (4-0) to win the national championship.

Repeating seemed a bit of a reach at the opening of the 1968-69 season, with the Pioneers dropping their first two encounters with North Dakota. Still, with standouts Keith Magnuson (defenseman), George Morrison (wing), Craig Patrick (wing), and goalie Gerry Powers, losing didn't become a habit.

In January, February and March of '69, the team went 19-3. The Pioneers finished second in the WCHA with a 14-6 conference record.

With four teams left in the final weekend of the NCAA tournament, Harvard shocked DU with a goal in the first thirty seconds, but in the second period DU unleashed hell on the Harvard goalie. The final score: DU 9, Harvard 2.

DU moved to the final battle for the NCAA title on March 15, facing Cornell, which had just beat Michigan Tech 4-3 in overtime.

DU wing Tom Gilmore popped one past Cornell's goalie in the first two minutes. The game was 1-1 after the first period. The second period quickly evolved into a contest of goaltending heroics. On a DU power play, Morrison pushed one into the corner of the goal. But, Cornell snuck one past Powers during a two-on-one break.

It was tied again (2-2) until the third period when center Bob Trembecky scored. Then, Miller delivered the knockout on a rebound. With less than two minutes left in the contest, Cornell scooted another goal past Powers. A Tim Gould rebound shot squirted past the Cornell defense, missing the empty net by inches. Denver was called for icing, the final ten seconds ticked off, and the game was over: DU 4, Cornell 3.

The victory fell on page seven of The Clarion, while draft-card burners made the front page. Another DU hockey championship was as normal as the Yankees in the World Series.

At 26-6, Armstrong had his 20 games and a few to spare.
Newest DU Recruit Is Son Of OU Head Coach
Larry Donovan Guides Sooners Club Team

DU recruit Matt Donovan has family ties to the University of Oklahoma Hockey Program. His father Larry Donovan has been with the Sooner Hockey program from its inception, as an Assistant Coach from 2003-2005 before being named Head Coach in 2005.

OU just completed an outstanding season with a 31-5-0 record and were ranked #9 in the final ACHA Division 1 Poll.

Originally from Lynn, MA, Coach Donovan has an extensive and varied hockey background. He was a linesman in the Central Hockey League for approximately 10 years and also played a few games in the league during the 1996-1997 season.

Since 1996, Coach Donovan has also been the USA Hockey Coaching Coordinator, Rocky Mountain District, for the State of Oklahoma.

Graduating DU Senior Ryan Helgason's brother Chad was a Freshman goaltender on the Sooners this past season.
Former Asst. Captain O'Leary Begins New Chapter

From: DU Alumni Magazine

Name: Ted O'Leary
Class: DU '06
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Campus Activities: DU Hockey

Why did you choose DU?
In my decision about which college to attend, it came down to DU or CC. I’m so glad I chose DU because, when I look back on my experience, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. DU has a tremendous tradition in hockey – in fact we have great tradition across all our athletics programs. When this is paired with a strong academic program, the University of Denver was a natural choice.

What is your favorite DU memory?
Playing on the DU hockey team has been amazing. Winning two consecutive Division I national championships in hockey was a hard road for all of us – as a team and as individuals. Even now, I get a chill down my spine thinking of it. I didn’t recognize how much these championships mattered to so many people in and around the University. Our entire city and campus community has been supportive and involved – not to mention the renewed school spirit evident among students and alumni.

What are your plans after graduation?
As much as hockey continues to be an integral part of my DU experience, there’s so much more to the University. I currently am pursuing both an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and an MBA from the Daniels College of Business. This combination of science, leadership skills and business ethics will give me an advantage when I apply to medical school next year. My goal is to practice orthopedic surgery in Colorado, bridging my love of medicine and athletics with my commitment to make a difference.

If you had the opportunity to talk to DU alumni, what would you say to them?
I would tell them thank you. If it weren’t for the gifts that alumni make to the University, I wouldn’t be a student here. I’ve jokingly said that DU won’t have to track me down after graduation to make a gift – my scholarship funded by alumni gifts made it possible for me to be here, and I want to give that same opportunity to students in the future.

Gauthier's AHL Team Eliminated In Semis

(photo) A young Gabe Gauthier (right) pictured here in 2002 after winning the Viking Cup with the BCHL Chilliwack Chiefs. Also pictured are Dave Van der Gulik (left) and Jeff Tambellini (right). Tambellini now plays with the Islanders and was the first player to congratulate Wade Dubielewicz after winning the shootout that put the Islanders in the playoffs (Dubie Video).
The Hershey Bears won their second consecutive Eastern Conference championship with a 3-1 win in Manchester on Saturday night. The Bears completed a four-game sweep of the Monarchs, and will meet Hamilton in the 2007 Calder Cup Final beginning Friday.
Hershey wound up outscoring the Monarchs by an 18-5 count in the series. Hershey improved its record to 12-2 this postseason, and is now four wins away from becoming the first AHL team to repeat as Calder Cup champions since the 1990-91 Springfield Indians.
DU Alum Gabe Gautheir finished the playoffs with 1 goal and four assists in 16 games. He also capped off a successful rookie season in the AHL with 14 goals and 28 assists in 69 games. The highlight of his season was briefly being called up to the NHL by the L.A. Kings.
Berkhoel Recalls DU Championship Run

From: Dayton Daily News
By Mark Gokavi

BOISE, Idaho — DU Alum Adam Berkhoel had ice on his hip late Wednesday night, but looked relaxed lying on a trainer's table in Qwest Arena.

The goalie had just made 29 saves to help Dayton to a 2-1 win and 1-0 lead in the ECHL Kelly Cup finals. Game 2 is was played late Friday night.

For a guy who has played at the highest level of hockey, Berkhoel's second straight Kelly Cup finals are like his hip issue — "no big deal."

"Over my career, I played in college in the national championship game (a 1-0 title win with Denver), and that experience you take with you," Berkhoel said. "And last year, being able to play in the NHL (2-4-1 in nine games with Atlanta) and in the AHL, it gives you a learning experience and a way to handle yourself in games."

Berkhoel nearly had his fourth playoff shutout while stoning all but one shot from Idaho's talented forwards.

"They're typical saves for him, but they're not typical for the average or even the good goalie at this level," Bombers coach Don MacAdam said. "He's just simply a cut above everybody at this level."

Signed as a free agent by the NHL's Buffalo Sabres last fall, Berkhoel spent time with the AHL's Rochester Americans and Dayton. The Bombers are a Columbus affiliate, but since Buffalo doesn't have an ECHL team, Berkhoel was assigned to Dayton.

"Last year, we had eight goalies, and no one had any trust back there, so guys were doing too much," Bombers forward Paul Kelly said. "Berk's back there — a league (all-star) MVP. The guy's played in the show."
Multiple teammates think Berkhoel has NHL talent, but they're glad to have him.

"Going back down to the (ECHL) is not exactly what you want to do," Berkhoel said. "But wherever you are, you want to play for championships."

Another DU Alum Connection

Editor's Note: The article below was contributed by "Donald," UAA's self absorbed, probably insane SuperFan. He has his own UAA Fan Blog but due to low readership and a self-imposed Mental Health Break this offseason he's been relatively quiet this Spring.
Donald has been banned from USCHO.com & Gopher Puck Live's message boards (not that there's anything wrong with that), but still has full writing privledges at LetsGoDU. He's probably the Hunter S. Thompson of college hockey writers. In other words, if you don't "get" the article, you're not alone.
Hopefully we will all get through this painfully long offseason.
Danny King has had much to celebrate this offseason. Not only can he be proud of his fine career at DU he can look to his extended family for additonal celebration of great hockey achievements. Danny's second-cousin twice-removed Robb Gray backstopped the Dubai Mighty Camels team to 2nd place in premiere league tournament action last month at the Al Nasr Leisureland ice rink:

From the Khaleej Times Sportspage:
A Correspondent:

IN WHAT some ice hockey enthusiasts claim was the best hockey game ever played in the the UAE and Al Nasr Leisureland ice rink, Abu Dhabi's Al Wahda ice hockey team eked past the ABN AMRO Dubai Mighty Camels Black team with a 4-3 victory in sudden-death overtime.

The winning goal was tipped in by Vitaly Saveko, assisted by Yura Faijkov after 13 minutes 51 seconds of intense overtime action. The Dubai Camels battled valiantly and had several opportunities to score, but just couldn't put the puck into the back of the net.

It was the final game in the three-day annual Dubai International ice Hockey Tournament, hosted by the Dubai Mighty Camels, and one that kept Dubai fans on the edge of their seats, and offering a spectacular example of ice hockey at its best.

The tournament featured action at three levels with the Khansaheb Buds winning top honours in the B Division and the Kuwait Mooseheads claiming honours in the C Division.

In Friday's other action, the Kuwait Mooseheads faced off against the Dubai Mighty Camels White during the C Division final and won 5-0. Dan Summers claimed a hat-trick for Kuwait in the final game. Earlier in the day, in a game against the Dhahran Saad Falcons Whites, Summers put in four goals for a 6-0 victory that clinched the team's place in the final game for the C division.

Summers was awarded the MVP of the game for the Kuwait Mooseheads, while Dubai goalie, Jack Guerreiro was chosen as MVP for the Camels in the final match.

In the B Division the Khansaheb Buds faced off against the Kuala Lumpur Cobras and won top honours with a 3-0 final score. Dave Roberts scored two goals for Khansaheb and Jifi Hiratsuka scored one.

Game MVP for Kuala Lumpur was Matt Pritchard while Dave Roberts claimed the game MVP title for Khansaheb in the final game in the B Division. But the tournaments most intense action, was without a doubt, the final game in the premiere division which took the ongoing Dubai-Abu Dhabi rivalry to new heights.

The Dubai Camels were first on the scoreboard, with Ron Berry putting one past goalie Andrei Froulev just 59 seconds into the game. By the end of the first half, the score was tied 2-2, with a second goal by Rob Proctor for Dubai, while Vitaly Saveko and Yura Faijkov each scored one for Al Wahda.

Just under three minutes into the second half of the game, Ali Al Mazroui put the puck past a diving Dubai goalie Robb Gray, putting Al Wahda in the lead 3-2.

Then, with 8:54 left on the clock in the second half, and Al Wahda serving a two-minute penalty for having too many players on the ice Ron Murphy blasted a shot into the twine to tie the game at 3. At the end of the game, the score remain knotted at 3, forcing play into sudden death overtime.

Following the final game, a series of awards were presented. Jason Young, who played with the Khansaheb Buds was named the Best Defender of the tournament for superb defence action throughout the three-day tournament.

Personally, I'm a big Kuwait Mooseheads fan but hey ... way to go Al Wahda! Anyway ... no doubt the Mighty Camels will kick their assess next year! And how about that writing from "A Correspondent"? "A" definitely writes in the tradition of the greats like Grantland Rice. It's humbling.

Lastly I wanted to share this message from Ron Murphy of the Dubai Mighty Camels (in case you didn't actually use the Mighty Camels link):

Dear Camels,

To all interested camels that needs a good skate in the month of May and June we have " ICE available every SUNDAY " from 9:00 PM , till you drop over. ( 9:15 PM for Jerry) everybody is welcome to join bring beers and girlfriends to share.

Ron Murphy
Berkhoel Stakes Team To 2-1 Victory in Game 1

From: Dayton Daily News
by Mark Gokavi
(left) DU Alum Adam Berkhoel was steller in the nets for Dayton in Game 1 of their championship series
The Dayton Bombers won a dramatic Game 1 of the ECHL Kelly Cup finals in front of 3,817 at Qwest Arena.

Trevor Frischmon put the puck past Idaho goalie Steve Silverthorn with 2:36 left to give Dayton a 2-1 victory and 1-0 series lead.

"I just saw the puck laying at his feet and kind of desperately threw my stick at it," Frischmon said. "It happened to pop through his feet."

Dayton leads the best-of-7 series and collects its first Kelly Cup finals win — the Bombers were swept by Greenville in the 2002 finals.

Game 2 is at 9:10 p.m. Friday night.

The Bombers led most of the way thanks to Yannick Tifu's wrist-shot on a 2-on-1 and DU Alum Adam Berkhoel's stellar goaltending. After Berkhoel stopped a Idaho shot from close range, Philippe Dupuis and Tifu worked a 2-on-1 break to perfection against Idaho defenseman Colin Peters.

Dayton kept the lead until Idaho tied it 1-1 at 13:55 of the third when Francis Wathier deflected a Peters shot and the puck fluttered past Berkhoel, who made 29 saves. That set the stage for Frischmon's game winner.

Ostrow Picks Up More Hardware

DU recruit Kyle Ostrow was named the MVP and Most Popular Player for the 2006-07 Nanaimo Clippers.

Earlier in the year Ostrow won a Gold Medal, helping Team Canada West win gold at the World Junior Championships in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Ostrow also participated in the BCHL All-Star game and won the BCHL Championship with Nanamio.

Edmond, Oklahoma Celebrates Rare Hockey Star

Newest DU Recruit Is From Oklahoma City Suburb

From: The Edmond Sun
by Ryan Piersol

Matt Donovan wasn't exactly raised in the ideal situation for an NHL hopeful.

He lives in Edmond, a suburb just north of Oklahoma City, a place long-renowned for its interest in golf. A place more interested in kicking a ball up and down a field than chasing a puck on ice. A place that doesn't even have state-associated hockey teams.

Last week, though, Donovan made a tremendous step toward changing his fate. The Edmond North sophomore was drafted into the United States Hockey League, a preparatory league for players who dream of some day playing professional ice hockey.

"This is a big deal. Not many people get to do it," he said. "It's been very difficult, coming from Oklahoma. But I've played hockey my whole life and worked hard at it and I'm getting an opportunity."

Donovan, a defenseman, was taken in the first round of the USHL draft by the Cedar Rapids Roughriders. He'll spend the next two years with them, attending school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The 17-year-old spent much of this past school year in Dallas, Tex., playing for the Dallas Stars AAA. He's been playing the sport since he was just three, having also competed for the Oklahoma City Junior Blazers and the club team at Edmond North.

It was during Donovan's time in Dallas that he attracted the attention of the USHL, a league that will provide him with top-notch competition. Nearly all of the country's collegiate hockey players have competed on this kind of level and many players in the NHL have as well.

"Pretty much all of the people in the NHL, from the U.S., go through the USHL," Donovan said. "It's something you have to do if you're serious about hockey and want to pursue it."

Donovan is the first ever Stars player chosen in the first round of the USHL draft. He has committed to play collegiate hockey at the University of Denver, widely considered one of the top programs in the country. Denver won back-to-back national championships in 2004 & 2005.

Oklahoman Born Defenseman Verbals To DU

(Left) Matt Donovan helped the Dallas Stars reach the AAA Tier I National Tournament

As they say in Oklahoma, sometimes you just have to get right back up on the horse. So after a rough week for the Pioneer hockey program, DU got some good news as Matt Donovan announced his commitment to play for the Pioneers yesterday.
Just days after Stars defenseman Matt Donovan made history by becoming the first Stars player to be selected in the first round of the USHL entry draft, he again made news by announcing his commitment to play for University of Denver beginning in the 2009/2010 season.

Donovan becomes the third member of the 2006/2007 Dallas Stars record setting squad to announce Division I commitments. He joins forwards Locke Jillson (Cornell) and Andrew Hamburg (Colorado College) who will also begin collegiate careers in 2009.
Last week the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders selected 17-year old defenseman Donovan with their first round choice in the United States Hockey League entry draft. The Riders tabbed Donovan with the tenth overall selection.
Donovan is a native of Edmond, Oklahoma and is the son of the University of Oklahoma's Head Coach Larry Donovan. Hockey is a Club sport at OU.
The Dallas Junior Stars (AAA Midget Hockey) produced Cornell All-American goaltender David McKee and many other college hockey players.
Best Of Luck To Jason Gregoire In Grand Forks

Was The Plot Hatched On Feb. 6th?
This was posted Today on SiouxSports.com by a poster nicknamed Eskimo22.

"As someone close to the family I can tell you that Jason is thrilled to be part of the UND Fighting Sioux family.

At no time did anyone ever contact Jason or his family after he verbally committed to Denver in an effort to persuade him to change his mind. The UND staff were nothing but professional and ethical in their handling of this difficult situation. It's also important to know that Denver treated Jason exceptionaly well and Jason wishes them the best in the future.

Whether he could play in 2007 or 2008 never had any impact on his decision to change his mind. Jason simply had some time to reconsider what was important to him, which is family. He realized that he wanted to play closer to home and that UND could offer him everything he ever really wanted and needed to ro reach his ultimate goals. He didn't take this lightly but he ultimately had to be true to himself. UND is where he wants to be."

The interesting thing is that back on Feb. 6, 2007 this same person posted the quote below. And what date did Jason Gregoire commit to DU? Feb. 1, 2007.

"Is a verbal commitment binding? I see kids changing their minds and going to the OHL instead of NCAA. But what if a kid wants to go to a different school and he hasn't signed yet? Can he switch? Is this ever done?"

This leads me to believe that this has been brewing from virtually the day Gregoire committed to DU & would lead one to believe that the family came up with this on their own, without help from UND...
Gregoire Slams The Door On DU
Link: Grand Forks Herald
by Brad Schlossman

Jason Gregoire, who originally gave a verbal commitment to the Pioneers a few months ago, said he wants to be closer to his home in Winnipeg.

"When I had my surgeries, it was a real emotional time in my life," said Gregoire, who suffered ankle injuries last fall." And coming from a big city like Lincoln, I liked the bright lights of Denver. But as I started playing again, I didn't see my family as much and I realized what I wanted in my heart. The grass isn't always greener."

Gregoire said the first step was to de-commit from Denver. "Luckily," he said, UND was still interested.

"The location is perfect," Gregoire said. "The Ralph is unbelievable. The hockey programs are second-to-none. I like the coaching staff and the educational opportunities. It's just a great school in my backyard."
WCH Blog Reports Confirmation Of Gregoire Rumors
Western College Hockey Blog is reporting that they have confirmation from source in Manitoba that Jason Gregoire has switched his commitment to the University of North Dakota and will enroll in 2008.

Its a sad day for DU recruiting and it must be devastating news to the DU Hockey Staff who worked so hard to put together another incredible recruiting class.

These things happen and obviously its a difficult situation for all involved. Best wishes to Jason Gregoire in his future endeavours.
No News In Gregoire Saga

Still no word in the possible Jason Gregoire to North Dakota rumor. No postings on any of the various team message boards, no emails confirming or denying the story and no newspaper reports.
Berkhoel Leads Team To ECHL Championship Series
By Andrew Sodergren
Naples Daily News

(left) The Dayton Bombers mob Adam Berkhoel as he leads his team to victory in the ECHL American Conference Finals
Estero, Florida — The Florida Everblades and their fans have probably seen enough of DU Alum Adam Berkhoel for awhile.

Dayton's standout goaltender, who was so brilliant in Game 1, again had a strong game as the Bombers defeated the Everblades 3-1 in Game 7 of the American Conference finals in front of a healthy Germain Arena crowd of 6,919.

Berkhoel was the winning goaltender for Gwinnett last season when they eliminated the Everblades in the South Division finals.

"He's a tremendous goaltender," a distraught Ryan Brindley said. "He's positioned really well and does a lot of things well. He's been around a long time, but we've had some good success against him in this series. It wasn't like we didn't think we could score on him, because we've been doing it throughout the series."

The Everblades were coming off a 6-3 win in Game 6 in which they assaulted Berkhoel with 46 shots on goal, five of which found the back of the net (the other was an empty-netter).

"Well, tonight we came together and played our game," Berkhoel said. "(Assistant coach Derek Clancey) does a lot of hard work that goes unnoticed. He brings us structure, and we got away from that last night. Last night, we tried to play Florida's game and you can't do that because they're way too skilled. They'll kill you if you do that, just like they killed us last night. Tonight we controlled the puck more and kept it out of our defensive zone, but even when they did get it down here, our guys blocked a lot of shots and I had a clear view of the puck at all times."

Dayton coach Don MacAdam says having Berkhoel around is quite a luxury.

"Obviously for us to win, we've got to play within our system, which we didn't do last night," MacAdam said. "If you don't play your best game against a skilled team like the Everblades, you're going to get hurt. Tonight we played our style of hockey, and Adam Berkhoel took care of the times when we had breakdowns in the system."

Berkhoel stopped 29 of 30 shots and was especially strong in the third period, when a desperate Blades squad held a 13-4 shot advantage with Berkhoel turning them away every time.

"They're a great hockey team and this was a fun series to play in," Berkhoel said. "They battled hard and so did we. It feels sweet to take it from them, but it was certainly a series where neither team deserved to lose."
Has Jason Gregoire Reneged On Commitment?
Internet Rumor Hasn't Been Confirmed Or Denied

Jason Gregoire Articles From LetsGoDU

At this point its nothing but an internet rumor that hasn't been confirmed or denied by anyone associated with DU's hockey program, but there's a chance that Jason Gregoire's verbal commitment to DU might be in jeopardy.
Gregoire is considered to be one of the best college hockey prospects in the USHL and verbally committed to the University of Denver back in January.

On Friday afternoon an anonymous comment left at LetsGoDU sparked immediate concern amoung Pioneer hockey fans.

"Here's a bombshell that you can take to the bank as fact. Jason Gregoire re nigged on his verbal and instead because of a pushy father has signed with North Dakota since it is closer to home. This from a reliable source is true as you will see in the comming days..."

Obviously this could all be a hoax, but there are several factors while not proving the story, certainly don't discredit it.

Timing: With Jonathan Towes signing with the Blackhawks last week certainly opens a roster spot on the Sioux next season. That might explain why the story is coming to light now.

Letter Of Intent: DU never announced Gregoire signing a Letter of Intent. In fact, a Lincoln newspaper story last month implied that Gregorie was still making up his mind on whether or not he was going going to play in Lincoln next season. "Gregoire said that a roster spot was available for him next season at the University of Denver, but its staff was open to him returning to Lincoln for another season." DU was supporting the decision and would welcome him in 2007 or 2008. Perhaps the Gregoire's were holding off signing the Letter of Intent with DU while his family reconsidered UND.

Distance: Certainly Grand Forks is only 150 miles from Winnipeg so its more than possible that playing in front of his family at UND is a factor in reconsidering his decision.

Hoax: Could the rumor be a hoax? Certainly the rumor could be false, but the poster had to know key details of Gregoire's recruiting process. This rumor was not started by another WCHA school.

Repercussions For DU: If true, losing Gregoire is a major blow for DU recruiting. Gregoire was considered by Heisenberg's Site to be one of the top college prospects in the USHL. While DU might not have expected Gregoire until the 2008, losing a prospect of Gregoire's stature is a major blow. However when a prospect makes a Verbal Commitment, the school eases off recruiting other athletes, who in turn sign with other schools. Obviously you can't go back and sign your second choice after you've told him to look elsewhere.

Conclusion: With each passing day, and no denial from anyone at DU, this rumor starts to get legs. While still a rumor, I'm inclined to believe it. If true, its certainly bad news for DU hockey fans.
DU's 2008 Recruiting Class Not Yet Taking Shape
Skipping ahead to DU's 2008 recruiting class there are a few things to keep an eye on this offseason. The #1 priority will be to try and land one or two first-class defensemen. As we saw this year, they're hard to come by.

DU will be graduating five players after next season (4 full scholarships): Blom, Mannino, May, Paukovich & Thomas. DU may have Nate Dewhurst arriving in 2008 or '09 and Jason Gregoire is supposed to be waiting in the wings.

DU may decide to hold off on recruiting a goaltender prospect until Cheverie shows up on campus and they can determine their needs. DU may need a stud who can carry the load or may recruit someone who can mature into the position. DU can probably find a suitable goaltender anytime in the next year.

From Heisenberg's List we see that CC (5 '08 recruits), Minnesota (7 '08 recruits), North Dakota (8 '08 recruits) & Wisconsin (5 '08 recruits) have already locked down their most of their 2008 recruiting classes. That certainly makes finding a diamond in the rough a little more difficult.

As long as Ruegsegger, Butler & any others don't bolt after next season (by no means a certainty) DU should be OK. By waiting to award scholarships, DU may go after late bloomers like they did this year with Tyler Bozak. Almost certainly it leads one to believe that DU will be concentrating its recruiting efforts in Canada where the recruits generally commit later than in the USHL or USNDP.
Berkhoel's Bombers Lead Playoff Series
Dayton, OH - DU goaltending Alumnus Adam Berkhoel's Dayton Bombers hold a narrow three games to two lead in the ECHL Semi-Finals. The Bombers lead the Florida Everblades in the American Conference Finals, will play Game 6 Thursday night in Fort Myers, Florida, at 7:30 p.m.

The Bombers took the series lead following their 4-2 victory over the Everblades on Tuesday night at the EJ Nutter Center in Dayton.

The winner of the American Conference Finals will advance to the Kelly Cup Finals, where they will meet the Idaho Steelheads, who advanced last night by defeating reigning Kelly Cup Champions, the Alaska Aces, four games to one in the National Conference Finals.

DU Hockey Player Embroiled In PC Controversy
See-Saw-athon Ends In Drunken Disarray & Injuries

During the Spring Quarter, many DU Hockey players' thoughts turn to beer, broads and softball as they try and regain some semblance of a "normal" collegiate social life away from the constant pressure of being a Division I athlete.

DU Junior defenseman and WCHA All-Academic team member Zack Blom has spent the past year writing Editorials for the University of Denver's fishwrap called The Clarion. He has tackled such diverse issues as global warming, racism and relationships.

However it was a snappy little piece on Springtime Activities at DU that drew howls of politically correct laced protest from Lisa Ingafield and DU's Health Cordinator Katie Dunker in a sharply worded Letter to the Editor.

Dear Clarion,

In response to the "Balancing work and See-saw-athon" article recently published, we'd like to briefly express our disappointment in the nature of a particular description used within the piece.

This article gave several pieces of sound advice regarding how students can enjoy spring quarter at DU. However, referencing that "Ladies, leave the pumps at home because Driscoll lawn's soft grass can't be expected to hold a heel, no matter how anorexic you might be," was in poor taste.

Mr. Blom, who wrote the article, apparently lacks the understanding of what it means to be slender versus anorexic. While I respect Mr. Blom's right to use descriptive language, making light of a serious mental health illness that plagues college campuses, DU being no exception, was out of line. In our society, men and women are constantly bombarded with images of what is "attractive" and "normal." By including a sexist and thoughtless sentence in this article the Clarion has shown little tact and is simply fulfilling the careless social constructs created by mass media. We expect more from the Clarion staff. In the future-stick to descriptive adjectives that do not stigmatize segments of our campus population.


Katie Dunker, Health Promotion Coordinator, and Lisa Ingarfield

Turns out young Mr. Blom was on to something about the dangers of the See-saw-athon because this breathless account of a charity event gone horribly wrong appeared in this week's Clarion.

This year's See-saw-athon was scheduled to run from noon Thursday to noon Friday. However, a serious injury and multiple underage intoxicated students caused Gamma Phi Beta to shut down the festivities at around 2 a.m. on Friday morning.

Carter Harrison, 21, a junior Chi Phi, was one of the students involved in the string of events that led to See-saw-athon's closure; after apparantly suffering a back injury, Harrison was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

"I feel terrible that Gamma Phi Beta and all the organization entrants' work was cut short because I was injured. That is something that I never intended to happen," said Harrison. "It was just an accident, and they happen, that's all I can say."

A Clarion reporter who was at the scene of the See-saw-athon event on Thursday evening and into the early hours of Friday morning saw incidents take place that led to the closing down of the event.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. an underage female was throwing up on herself in front of the Driscoll university center where numerous people were entering and exiting to use the bathrooms. The DU student was surrounded by three Campus Safety officers and was later transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

Also, there were reports of multiple male and female students falling off the see-saws. When Gamma Phi Beta sorority members walked around and told students the event had been shut down, a few fights broke out in front of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. At least five police cars showed up at the scene but no arrests were reportedly made.
Gauthier's AHL Team Advances To Semi-Finals
DU alum Gabe Gauthier's Manchester Monarchs slid past the Providence Bruins 2-1 to win the 2007 Calder Cup Atlantic Division Championship Series four games to two on Monday night.

The Monarchs will face the Hershey Bears in the Eastern Conference Finals with game one on Saturday, May 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Giants Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Gauthier has one goal and three assists in 12 playoff games for the Monarchs.

DU Hockey Legends

Marshall Johnston: From DU To The NHL

Career Stats

Marshall Johnston won a National Championship as a player and coached at the University of Denver, but is best remembered for becoming General Manager of the NHL's Ottawa Senators.

Johnston began his journey to the big leagues at the University of Denver in 1959 where he won a National championship and upon his graduation he joined Team Canada in time for the 1964 Winter Olympic Games. His five years with the National Team included two World Championship appearances as well as a second trip to the Olympics in 1968. He joined the National Hockey League in 1967.

By 1968, Johnston was a veteran of Team Canada and he was named captain of the team. The Canadians faired well at the games and Johnston's solid defensive play helped lead the team to a Bronze medal victory.

After the Olympics Johnston made the leap to the National Hockey League when he joined the expansion Minnesota North Stars late in the 1967-68 campaign. But despite his international experience, he couldn't secure a regular spot on the North Stars blue line and after appearing in just 49 games for Minnesota over four seasons his career required a change of scenery. His final year in the North Star organization, 1970-71, was a very successful one for Johnston, even if he did spent just one game in the NHL. In the minors that year he scored 56 points in 69 games and captured the Eddie Shore Award as the American Hockey League's outstanding defenseman.

Despite his performance with their farm club, the North Stars traded Johnston to the Montreal Canadiens in the summer of 1971, but he did not remain with the club very long. Before he could head to camp with his new club, he was on the move again when the Canadiens shipped him to California Golden Seals in exchange for cash.

With the struggling Seals, Johnson was able to win a full-time job for the first time in his NHL career. He spent the next three years patrolling the blue line for California, and enjoyed solid offensive production in 1972-73 when he scored 10 goals and 30 points for the Seals. The following season was his last as a player, but his involvement in the game continued for decades after his final lap around the rink.

Johnston returned to his alma mater and became the head coach of the University of Denver following his retirement and continued the success he began as a player years before. He took over the reins at Dufrom his former coach Murray Armstrong. In his four years behind their bench he guided them to a WCHA title and captured coach of the year honors.

He then moved to the NHL by joining the Colorado Rockies as an assistant General Manger and assistant coach in 1981. This stint also included a brief run as the team's head coach as well. When the franchise was relocated to New Jersey, Johnston remained with the club and eventually ascended to the job of Director of Player Personnel, a position he held for ten years.

He then joined the Ottawa Senators organization in 1996 and held the same position before being named the club's General Manager for the 1999-00 season.

Also around this time Johnston was honored for his outstanding career with the Canadian National Team by being named to the International Ice Hockey Federation's Hall of Fame.

After three years at the helm of the Senators, Johnston announced his retirement so he could spend more time with his wife Barbara and daughters Jill and Amy.

David Carle Selected In USHL Draft

Tri-Cities Storm Select Carle In 2nd Round

The USHL held its Prospects Draft today for high school players to enter the Tier I league. David Carle is the younger brother Hobey Baker winner and DU Alum Matt Carle. Like his older brother, David plays defense.
  • 2nd Round 21st Overall Tri-City: David Carle, Shattuck-St. Mary's
  • The Tri-Cities Storm is the team that DU Recruit Jesse Martin played this for season in the USHL

Western College Hockey Blog noted about the selection:
Carle may be ready to make the jump to the USHL next season. He's not a superstar like his brother, but he has a pretty decent mix of size and skill and should be a solid player in the USHL.
DU Announces Captains For 2007-08
Thomas, Paukovich, Testwuide & Ruegsegger To Lead Team

From: DU Athletics Website

DENVER - Senior defenseman Andrew Thomas has been named captain of the 2007-08 University of Denver hockey team, while senior Geoff Paukovich, junior J.P. Testwuide and sophomore Tyler Ruegsegger will serve as alternate captains, announced today by two-time national coach of the year George Gwozdecky.

Thomas becomes the eighth consecutive defenseman to either co-captain or captain the Pioneers. The rugged blueliner has played in 120 of 122 games over the past three seasons. In 2006-07, Thomas tallied seven points on two goals and five assists, while leading the team in penalty minutes with 71. The hard-hitting Thomas helped guide the Pioneers to their sixth consecutive season with 21 or more wins as an alternate captain last season.

"Andy has developed into one of the top defenseman in the WCHA," Gwozdecky said. "More importantly, Andy understands what kind of leadership will be necessary for our team to be successful. He is a tough competitor who will have a strong presence with our players on-and-off the ice."

Paukovich is one of DU's most experienced forwards and toughest players in the WCHA. He netted 17 points on eight goals and nine assists and led the team in penalties with 31. He tallied 4-3--7 during a career-high, seven game point streak from Jan. 13-Feb. 3 and recorded four game-winning goals.

Testwuide has emerged into a team leader with a strong work ethic and team-first attitude. The versatile Testwuide exhibited his selfless play by seeing action at forward and defense last season. He teamed with seniors Mike Handza and Steven Cook on the Pioneers' top defensive forward line.

Ruegsegger was named DU's freshman of the year after a standout rookie season with 34 points on 15 goals and 19 assists. He is one of DU's top scholar-athletes and one of the team's hardest workers.
"Geoff is one of the most-liked players on our team," Gwozdecky said. "He has progressed into a solid two-way college hockey forward. J.P. brings an outstanding work ethic and team-first attitude. Tyler is the ultimate competitor who leads by example with his overall approach as a student-athlete. All three of our alternate captains are Colorado natives with strong leadership skills."
The Pioneers open the 2007-08 season with a two-game nonconference series against Maine on Oct. 12-13 at Magness Arena.

Another UND Hockey Player Charged Last Season

UND Smashes Bad Boyz Record For Arrests
From: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Add Joe Finley to the growing list of University of North Dakota hockey players who were arrested last season. No wonder Coach Hakstol called in Chief Packett to address the team last February.

Fighting Sioux hockey player Joe Finley was fined $475 and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service in connection with a November loud party charge. A similar charge against Finley's roommate, Sioux hockey player Kyle Radke, was dismissed.

Meanwhile, Robbie Bina's trial will be held June 29th. Bina is facing a misdemeanor charge of escape from custody. Last July 15th Bina was also arrested for a DUI.

The charge against Bina carries a maximum punishment of a $1,000 fine and 30 days in jail.

In April, Jonathan Toews and T.J. Oshie pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of being a minor not allowed on liquor premises. They were ordered to pay fines or fees but will serve no jail time if they stay out of trouble for the next year.

Toews, who has faced similar charges before, was sentenced to 10 days in jail, which was suspended for one year, meaning he won't serve the time unless he commits another crime, according to Grand Forks municipal prosecutor Kristi Pettit.

He also must serve 30 hours community service, according to court records, and pay a fine of $425 in court fines and fees.

Toews was charged in September with minor in consumption and noisy party gathering. The noisy party gathering charge was dismissed, according to his attorney, Richard Olson.

In early February, UND released a statement in which Bina, Oshie & Toews apologized for the incident. Bina, in the statement, said he took full responsibility for "a mistake that I will not be able to take back."

UND Police Timeline

July - Robbie Bina Arrested For DUI

September - Joe Finley Arrested & Radke charged with "Loud Party"

November - Toews Charged with "minor in consumption and noisy party gathering"

February - Toews, Oshie & Bina arrested at Judy's Tavern

February- Police chief Packett addresses team

April - Toews & Oshie plead guilty

May - Finley ordered to pay fine & perform community service

June - Bina's trial date set for June 29th

Waterloo Drops USHL Championship Game
(Left) DU recruit John Lee played for his High School in Moorhead, Minnesota this winter and then moved to Waterloo, Iowa to complete the Black Hawks USHL season

The 2006-07 USHL season is now in the books and the Sioux Falls Stampede have skated away with the 2007 Clark Cup title, and the Tier I national championship over the Waterloo Black Hawks. Waterloo featuring DU Defenseman to be John Lee, had a terrific season but fell short 3-0 in the Championship game.
The Colorado Avalanche had four representatives at the game and several other NHL teams sent scouts as well. John Lee is expected to be drafted in the upcoming NHL draft in June as he is ranked as one of the top 60 North American prospects.
With the conclusion of the USHL season and the Royal Bank Cup up in Canada, all of DU's recruits are through playing hockey for their Junior teams. They will enroll at DU next Fall, many of whom have gained valuable postseason experience this Spring.
DU's 2007 Recruiting Class
Jon Cook - D Camrose (AJHL) 6'1 185 (Won AJHL Championship)
Chris Nutini - D Wichita Falls (NAHL) 6' 185 (Recruited Walk On Defenseman)
Steve Cunningham - LW Burnaby (BCHL) 6'1 195 (BCHL Semi-Finalist)
Dusty Jackson - LW So. Minnesota (NAHL) 6'3 195 (Team MVP)
Jason Gregoire - LW Lincoln (USHL) 5'11 175 (May attend DU in 2008)
Tyler Bozak - RC Victoria (BCHL) 6' 175 (Won BCHL Scoring Title)
John Lee - RD Waterloo (USHL) 6'2 170 (Lost USHL Championship Game)
Marc Cheverie - G Nanaimo (BCHL) 6'2 195 (Won BCHL Championship)
Jesse Martin - RC Tri-City (USHL) 5'10 170 (2nd leading scorer on team)
Kyle Ostrow - LC Nanaimo (BCHL) 5'9 160 (Won BCHL Championship)
(Above) John Lee (#3) will play against Sioux Falls for the USHL Championship on Sunday night

DU Recruit To Play For USHL Championship

DU Recruit John Lee's Waterloo Black Hawks advanced to the USHL Chamionship Game by defeating Des Moines on Saturday night 1-0 in overtime. Josh Turnbull scored on a power play just 1:29 into overtime in the win over Des Moines, the defending Clark Cup champions.

Des Moines and Waterloo engaged in an extremely tight defensive battle. The teams arguably had no more than a combined handful of quality scoring chances in regulation time, and every time the team had a chance the goaltenders (Matt Dalton of Des Moines and Ryan Rondeau of Waterloo) were up to the task.

The 2007 USHL Clark Cup championship game will get underway Sunday night at 7:05 p.m. The game can be watched live through B2 Networks or followed with online live audio at http://www.ushl.com/.
Meanwhile Up In Canada...
Jon Cook's Camrose Kodiaks lost a heartbreaker in the fifth overtime to be eliminated from the Candian Junior A National Championships. It was the longest game ever played in Royal Bank Cup history and the opposing goaltender made 91 saves.
Berkhoel Leads Team In ECHL Playoffs
Picks Up League MVP Honors Along The Way
From: NHL.com
by Brian Compton

It sounds crazy, but an equipment manager’s promotion to the American Hockey League may very well be the main reason why the Dayton Bombers are in the American Conference Finals.
Because it was Pete Bureaux -- who was the Bombers’ equipment manager for nearly a decade before landing a job with Rochester last summer -- who made a phone call to Dayton head coach Don MacAdam prior to the start of last season.

“Hey listen … there’s a lot of goalies here,” Bureaux told MacAdam.

One of those netminders happened to be DU alumnus Adam Berkhoel. MacAdam immediately phoned Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier and convinced the latter to send Berkhoel to Dayton, where he would be penciled in as the team’s No. 1 goaltender.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Berkhoel, who was the ECHL’s Most Valuable Player this season, made 59 saves Tuesday night as the Bombers took Game 1 of the league semifinals with a thrilling 4-3, triple-overtime victory over the Florida Everblades at Germain Arena. The game ended when Bombers defenseman Brad Farynuk lit the lamp at the 1:23 mark of the sixth period.

“It was a late night,” said Berkhoel, who has three shutouts, a 2.15 GAA and a .930 save percentage in 11 playoff contests. “That was the longest game I’ve ever played. We just hung in there. We didn’t think it would take that long.”

Afterward, exhaustion favored celebration as the Bombers had just completed the ninth-longest game in ECHL playoff history at 101:23. The record belongs to the Louisiana Ice Gators and the Greenville Grrrowl, who needed 121:24 before Martin Masa won it for the latter.

“After the game, we didn’t have much left,” Berkhoel said. “We were just trying to get hydrated and get out of there so we could get some food in our bodies. The mindset around the room (Wednesday) was everyone was in a good mood and we’re really happy that we pulled that one out. We’ve got a lot of confidence.”

As they should, considering the minor miracle they pulled off after trailing 3-1 to the Cincinnati Cyclones in the best-of-seven North Division Finals. But Dayton coasted to a 6-2 win in Game 5 before Berkhoel blanked the Cyclones in Game 6. He stopped 38 of 41 shots in Game 7 as the Bombers advanced with a 5-3 victory.

They entered Game 2 of their series with the Everblades at Germain Arena last night just three wins away from a trip to the Kelly Cup Finals.

“It was through a lot of hard work, a lot of determination and a lot of focus,” MacAdam said of their remarkable comeback against the Cyclones. “Cincinnati won the season series against us. It was close all year. We just felt that game after game we hadn’t played our best game yet and we just kept striving for more. I think we might have had a little more depth. It was just a really good series.”

The plan now is to use what transpired last series as a reminder that no series is over until the final horn blows. The Bombers realize the Everblades are still very much alive and could be just one mistake away from seeing the tides turn in Florida’s favor.

“Teams can come back on anything,” Berkhoel said. “Coming back from that, it was just a huge character builder. We’d like to not get in that situation again. It took a lot out of us. We know any team’s capable of coming back. The key is to not give them life. We learned a lot from that and we’ll definitely carry that over into this series.”

That’s why MacAdam had to order Berkhoel to stay off the ice on Wednesday, literally hours after finishing the longest and most stressful game of his life. But winning means everything to the goaltender who finished with 23 victories for the Bombers during the regular season.

“If we had allowed Berkhoel to practice, he would have,” MacAdam said. “He is a perfectionist. His preparation is a huge part of his overall game. We’ve practiced days only because Adam wanted to practice. It hasn’t hurt us, by the way. He’s a workhorse … an absolute workhorse.”

One who deserves to be rewarded with a heck of a lot more time than the six games he appeared in this season for Rochester. While he’s trying not to think about it, Berkhoel understands what a playoff run such as the one he’s currently on can do for his career.

“The team comes first, but you definitely have to worry about yourself,” Berkhoel said. “(But) you can’t control that. The best thing for me right now is just to keep winning and for our team to keep winning. Whatever happens happens, and it will take care of itself. Hopefully, something good will come about this. Maybe I’ll get another chance next year with someone if we go the distance here. We’ll see where it takes us.”

MacAdam is pretty certain that he won’t have his No. 1 goaltender next season.

“Any organization would be improved by having him,” MacAdam said. “He’s an American Hockey League goaltender and he knows how the business works. He knows his opportunity is going to come, and he’s going to be prepared when it does.”

Gauthier Scores First Playoff Goal
(left) DU Alum Gabe Gauthier scored his first ever professional playoff goal this week

Rookie center Gabe Gauthier redirected in his first playoff goal to nudge the Manchester Monarchs past the Providence Bruins 3-2 on Wednesday night.

The AHL playoff series is even at 2 games apiece. Game five will be at 7:35 p.m. on Saturday, May 12 at the Verizon Wireless Arena.