"Matt Trick" Video To Be Released At Sundance

LetsGoDU Video Distribution and The Boone Underground Productions are proud to present "Strength & Honor: The Matt Trick" Indie Film. This short film captures DU's trials and tribulations in Mankato against Minnesota State University.

A plucky hockey player named Matt Glasser from Calgary, Alberta records his first collegiate hat trick.

Make sure you click the "HQ" button to watch the video in "high-quality" mode to capture the true essence of the film.

DU Alum Plans To Watch Hockey At Wrigley Field

(left) Former NHL player and DU Alum Cliff Koroll

From: NHL.com

As a young Chicago Blackhawks rookie during the 1969-1970 season, DU Alum Cliff Koroll filled the very big skates of Kenny Wharram as the right wing to Hawks legend Stan Mikita. Koroll scored a hat trick early that year and he went to not only play alongside Mikita but roomed with him for more than a decade.

Both Mikita and Koroll were at Wrigley Field Tuesday. Mikita to talk up the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic with the media and Koroll to take a spin on skates around the rink.

"I wasn't originally going to come to the game because of the cold weather," said Koroll. "I'm getting my hip replaced Monday [Jan. 5] and didn't want to catch a cold or flu bug or anything, to mess up the surgery."

What changed his mind? Koroll said a friend offered him a spot in a suite that promises to be warm. He jumped a the chance to watch the new Hawks play.

"It's been a fantastic turnaround for this [Chicago] team in such s short time," said Koroll, who spent 21 seasons with the Hawks as a player, assistant coach and front office executive before moving on to a successful business career as a supplier for McDonald's. "This team is fun to watch."

Koroll looked smooth on the ice for a guy with a painful hip. He was even giving skating lesson to the "The Hockey Show" host Carrie Millbank.

"The Winter Classic is such a great event for the Hawks and our city," said Koroll. "I love it here. I moved to Chicago when I graduated from college [University of Denver] and never left.

DU Adds 2010 Recruit David Makowski

(left) David Makowski will be coming to DU in 2010

David Makowski's Bio

Chris Hiesenberg's Website announced that defenseman David Makowski of the USHL Green Bay Gamblers will be attending the University of Denver in 2010. Makowski was a teammate of incoming DU recruit Matt Donovan and the recent World Junior A Challange for Team USA.

This season Makowski has two goals & six assists in 21 games.

DU's Recruiting Classes

D William Wrenn (U.S. Under-18)
D Matt Donovan (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
D Paul Phillips (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
G Adam Murray (U.S. Under-18)
F Drew Shore (U.S. Under-18)
F Shawn Ostrow (Camrose, AJHL)
F Chris Knowlton (Des Moines, USHL)

F Jason Zucker (U.S. Under-17)
D David Makowski (Green Bay, USHL)

Kyle Ostrow Desktop Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

Kyle Ostrow is DU's quintessential playmaker. Vastly under-rated by the national media, DU always wins if Ostrow has a big game. Grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and become the playmaker in the office.

Denver Post: Mullen Moving Back To Forward

(above) Patrick Mullen is back playing forward for DU

University of Denver senior defenseman Patrick Mullen might again return to his roots. He is tentatively pegged to replace injured star center Tyler Bozak when the Pioneers return from a three-week break Friday against visiting Holy Cross.

Mullen, who joined the program as a winger, has been practicing at center alongside freshman Luke Salazar and junior Brandon Vossberg for the past two days. [read rest of article]

Denver Cup(cake) Holiday Recipe Guide

Tis' the holiday season and each year, Coach Gwozdecky brings in three cupcakes for the University of Denver hockey team to feast on. Some years don't go as planned and DU falls into a diabetic coma such as 2006 when DU choked on Princeton and Ferris State.

Nonetheless we provide you with three yummy recipes to get you psyched for the Denver Cup.

Holy Cow Cake (Holy Cross)
This is the cake you can take to any Minnesota Gopher Hockey Party. Perfect for children or adults who adore major upsets. RECIPE

Real Pretty Icing (RPI)
Combine all icing ingredients in small mixing bowl. Stir until smooth and well blended. Adjust for spreading consistency if necessary, adding more milk or more confectioners' sugar. Spread icing or drizzle on warm cookies or pound cake. Use the same formula to build a hockey program but subsitute Canadian players and blue chip recruits for the sugar & milk. RECIPE

Boston Cream Pie (Boston University)
There are two questions that immediately come to mind when you hear Boston Cream Pie. One is "Why is it called a pie?", and the other is "Why does BU coach Jack Parker always look grumpy?" To answer the first question of why "pie" instead of "cake", it is probably because colonists baked their cakes in pie tins as they did not own cake pans. As far as Jack Parker is concerned, you'd be grumpy too if the only hardware you bring home each season is the Beanpot. RECIPE

Rubberband Man Wallpaper and Screen Saver

Click picture to enlarge

Tyler Ruegsegger is a leader in the classroom, on the ice and his faith is an example to us all. When he was injured last season, he paid his own way to accompany DU on road trips. Grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most humble computer in the office.

DU Recruit Paul Phillips Named USHL D-POW

DU 2009 recruit Paul Phillips was named USHL Defensive Player of the Week. Phillips, eligible for the 2009 NHL Draft next summer, is having an excellent season for Cedar Rapids.
"Cedar Rapids only hit the ice once last week after having a pair of their games postponed, but they won their only game, 7-1 over Des Moines on Friday. Phillips scored the game-winning goal early in the second period. He added two assists, including one on the power play, before the period was done. He was +1 last week and had two shots on goal."

DU Must Play Within Themselves Without Bozak

(above) DU may be without Tyler Bozak until the playoffs

From: Rocky Mountain News
by Pat Rooney

For the second season in a row, the University of Denver hockey team will have to adjust to the loss of one of its top scorers. And if last season's experience taught the Pioneers anything, it is to make sure they do not try to overcompensate in their attempt to make up for the loss. (read rest of article)

Cody Brookwell Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

Cody Brookwell is DU's steadiest defensive defenseman, but he scored his only DU goal in the playoffs last season. Grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most reliable computer in the office.

Washington Times Writes About "Boone Issue"

From: Washington Times
by Valerie Richardson

DENVER - Many universities have come under pressure to reject their American Indian mascots, but in what may be a first, the University of Denver has ditched a non-Indian mascot on the grounds he wasn't sufficiently diverse.

A university committee gave the final axing in October to "Denver Boone," better known as Boone, a portly, chubby-cheeked cartoon character in a coonskin cap who represented the University of Denver Pioneers from 1968 to 1998.

"The old Boone figure is one that does not reflect the broad diversity of the DU community and is not an image that many of today's women, persons of color, international students and faculty and others can easily relate to as defining the pioneering spirit," Chancellor Robert Coombe said.

Boone, drawn by Walt Disney in 1968, was shelved in 1998 for his "lack of gender inclusiveness and the changing image of the university," according to the student newspaper, the Clarion.

Students and alumni have lobbied to bring back Boone ever since. A university survey taken earlier this year in response to a resurgent "bring back Boone" movement showed that 87 percent of student and alumni respondents held a favorable opinion of the pudgy pioneer and wanted to see his return.

The university put the mascot question last year before its History and Traditions Task Force, which decided to shelve Boone permanently after critics argued that he represented an era of Western imperialism and was offensive to women and minority groups.

"The name 'Boone' is linked to Daniel Boone, and to people of Native American ancestry, it's sensitive because he was part of a movement that pushed Native Americans to the side," said Monica Kumar, president of the undergraduate student body.

"We are a university that has been very sensitive to diversity and one of our objectives is to be inclusive," said Miss Kumar, who sits on the committee. "And this was an opportunity for us to come together and show our inclusiveness."

Mike Rosen, a DU alumnus and Denver radio talk-show host and commentator, called the decision "annoying but not surprising."

"It's an example of the hyper-sensitive, politically correct epidemic in higher education as well as secondary education," said Mr. Rosen, who was not involved in the movement to resurrect Boone. "Are they going to do away with the name 'pioneer?' I would think that would be at least as offensive as the mascot."

Brian Gifford Symbolizes Teamwork First Ethic

Click picture to enlarge

Moorhead, Minnesota's Brian Gifford has become a steady defensive shutdown forward in DU's arsenal of attack. Moorhead is fast becoming a recruiting hotbed for the University of Denver. Grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most aggressive computer in the office.

All DU Hockey Games To Be Televised Except One

With the college football season coming to a close, a record number of University of Denver hockey games will be available to college hockey fans around the USA.

DU fans with DirectTV or Dish Network will be able to watch every Denver hockey game, except one, for the remainder of the season. Also any viewers with cable packages that are able to access FSN-Rocky Mountain and the NHL Network on their "expanded sports tier" will also be able to enjoy the action.

If your cable company only provides a three channel FSN Package on their expanded sports tier, a vast majority of DU hockey games will be available.

The only game not televised nationally will be the Feb. 7th contest at Minnesota-Duluth.
  • 1/2 Holy Cross - 7:35 PM - FSN-RM
  • 1/3 RPI or BU (Denver Cup) - FSN-RM
  • 1/9 Michigan Tech - FSN-RM
  • 1/10 Michigan Tech - FSN-RM
  • 1/23 @ North Dakota - FSN-RM
  • 1/24 @ North Dakota - FSN-RM
  • 1/30 Alaska Anchorage - FSN-RM
  • 1/31 Alaska Anchorage - FSN-RM
  • 2/6 @ Minnesota Duluth - NHL Network
  • 2/7 @ Minnesota Duluth
  • 2/13 @ Colorado College - FSN-RM
  • 2/20 @ Wisconsin - NHL Network
  • 2/21 @ Wisconsin - FSN-RM
  • 2/27 St. Cloud - FSN-RM
  • 2/28 St. Cloud - FSNRM
  • 3/7 Colorado College - FSN-RM
  • 3/13-15 WCHA Playoffs
  • * FSNRM = Fox Sports Network
  • ** NHL Network

Hockey Team To Return To Campus Today

The University of Denver hockey team will return to campus today and begin practice on Saturday. DU will play Holy Cross next Friday evening in the Denver Cup.

Denver's Bid To Host NCAA Lax Championships

(above) The 2008 NCAA Lacrosse Championship game featured Syracuse & John Hopkins University

From: Baltimore Sun
by John Weaver

Denver's bid to host either the 2010, 2011 or 2012 NCAA Lacrosse Championships at Invesco Field features some interesting statistics. It also shows what hoops a city must jump through to host an NCAA event.

Metro Denver Sports Commission president KieAnn Brownell, who guaranteed $3 million in revenues at the final presentation to the NCAA Lacrosse Committee. She stressed that lacrosse is not an alternative sport in Colorado.

Said Brownell: "Denver is the lacrosse capital of the West and here's why: Since 1999, when lacrosse was first sanctioned by the Colorado High School Athletic Association, the sport has seen explosive growth. Today there are 59 high school programs in eight conferences. Youth are regularly hanging up their baseball bats and football helmets and taking up lacrosse. And Denver's high school programs are top notch. Kent Denver is ranked in the top 10 of U.S. high school programs. Ten players from Colorado were named All-Americans in 2008. The University of Denver's 2008 recruiting class is ranked No. 10 in the country."

The Denver bid is bolstered by the great crowds at Outlaws and Mammoth (NLL) games. Brownell pointed out that the professional lacrosse franchises in Denver are thriving and lead the country in attendance.

“The Colorado Mammoth, Denver's NLL franchise, consistently tops attendance records and outdraws the NBA and NHL franchises," Brownell said. The Mammoth outdraws its closest East Coast competitor by 15 percent."

She added: “Denver's attendance will be comprised of their professional fan base noted above; the strong collegiate fan base from the two Division I programs at the University of Denver and the Air Force Academy; the collegiate fan base from the eight collegiate club programs in Colorado, including perennial club contender Colorado State University; the event-driven Denver sports fans, who have set and held attendance records in the MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA hockey, USGA, NLL, and the MLL, where this past summer they broke their own single game attendance record. Further, Denver Sports received letters of support from several lacrosse clubs in other western states, saying they would travel to Denver but not to the east."

The common perception is that Denver would be a "growth of the game" play instead of a huge attendance and revenue play, but Brownell says that the idea that Denver's attendance would be down is a misconception. “Denver will undoubtedly set an all-time attendance record for the lacrosse championships," she said.

Since 2006, Denver has sold more than 600,000 tickets to professional lacrosse. The Outlaws average 11,000 fans per game and the Mammoth averages 18,000 per game, and these are two groups of different people. The interesting difference between the professional fans in Denver and the lacrosse fans in the east is that the professional fans in Denver are an entirely different demographic. They are not the lacrosse community's committed core; instead, they are sports fans who have fallen in love with the game. Unlike the east that depends on the lacrosse community and the collegiate teams to fill the stadium, Denver will appeal to a wide variety of fans. (read entire article)

Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas From LetsGoDU To You

Click picture to enlarge

We can't figure out why, but our readers just love DU women's soccer. Rather than fight the feeling, we'll just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most beautiful computer in the office.

LetsGoDU2 Features Best Articles About DU Hockey

So far in 2008, LetsGoDU reprinted 1,047 articles, mostly about the University of Denver hockey program. We've compiled 31 of the best or most interesting articles of the past year.

When we run across an exceptional or unusual article about a DU player, coach or hockey alum we repost them over at LetsGoDU2. Since its the holiday season and content is scarce, check out LetsGoDU2 for the best 31 articles about DU hockey in the past year.

DU Alum Stastny Suffers Broken Forearm

From: Denver Post

Shortly after an exciting 5-4 Avalanche overtime win Tuesday night, the grim news from the X-ray machine came: Paul Stastny, Colorado's best player, suffered a broken right forearm and will be out indefinitely (4-8 weeks).

Stastny suffered the injury in the final minute of regulation, after blocking a shot from Phoenix's Olli Jokinen.

Clark in the penalty box and goalie Ilya Bryzgalov off for the extra skater when Jokinen blasted a shot from the point. It hit Stastny square to the right forearm and he immediately dropped his stick and doubled over in pain. Stastny managed to get up and keep defending without the stick, but immediately exited the ice after Coyotes forward Shane Doan put a shot past Avs goalie Andrew Raycroft.

Lars Paulgaard Desktop Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

Lars Paulgaard has only seen spot duty so far this season behind Chevy, but the "Norwegian Nightmare" is only a heartbeat away from driving the DU Express. Just grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most flamboyant computer in the office.

Paulgaard & Jackson Given Props on WCH Blog

(above) Now we know where the Norwegian Nightmare's powder blue goalie mask came from

Chris Dilks at Western College Hockey Blog recalls Lars Paulgaard & Dustin Jackson's dramatic playoff victory while playing NAHL hockey for the Southern Minnesota Express. The triple overtime thriller was ranked is #4 favorite hockey game of all time and both DU players figured heavily in the outcome.

Its A Great Day For Hockey

Anthony Maiani Desktop Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

While other players on DU garner all the headlines, Anthony Maiani quietly leads the team in scoring and assists. Just grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most awesome computer in the office.

3 DU Players Receive Mid-Season Recognition

(above) "The Goal Czar" was one of three DU players to be recognized by InsideHockey.com

From: InsideHockey.com
by Tim Rosenthal

Three University of Denver players were recognized by Inside Hockey.com in their Mid-Season Honor Roll. Goaltender March Cheverie was named "West 2nd Team" goaltender, Luke Salazar and Patrick Wiercioch were named to the "West All-Rookie Team."

The University of Denver is currently in first place in the WCHA and the contributions made by these three players has to be considered somewhat of a surprise. As recently as this summer Patrick Wiercioch was heading to the University of Wisconsin in 2009, Luke Salazar was considered a longshot to even make DU's 20-man rotation and Chevy only started one game the previous season.

Kevin Ulanski Named CHL Player Of The Week

(left) DU Alum Kevin Ulanski won two National Championships at DU

University of Denver Alum Kevin Ulanski who helped lead the University of Denver to two National Championships was named CHL Player of the Week. Ulanski plays for the Colorado Eagles in Ft. Collins in the Central Hockey League.

Ulanski had six points in three games for the Northwest Division and Northern Conference leading Eagles. Colorado went 2-1 on the week and the Madison, Wisconsin native had points in each game and scored the game winning goal in each victory. In his first CHL season, the former DU star ranks just outside the league's top 10 with 31 points (11-20=31). Last week, he notched the game winning shootout goal and an assist in the Eagles 3-2 win in at Rapid City. After recording an assist in Colorado's loss to Amarillo, Ulanski scored the game winner and had a pair of assists in the team's 7-5 win versus Arizona.

Brandon Vossberg Desktop Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

When DU's season was on the brink of collapse, Coach Gwozdecky inserted Junior Brandon Vossberg in the lineup and DU hasn't lost since then. Just grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most awesome computer in the office.

Rocky Mountain News Reviews 1st Half of Season

"We've put ourselves in position to make a run in the second half," Coach Gwozdecky said. "We were playing with a great deal of recklessness and sloppiness, and we were stubborn to change. Then we got smacked in the mouth enough, and that point was hit during that embarrassing Friday loss against Minnesota. We drew a line in the sand and knew we had to change the attitude of how we play."
Pat Rooney of the Rocky Mountain News looks at the three Colorado schools at the midpoint of the season. According to Rooney, the Pioneers have established themselves as one of the hottest teams in the nation. [read entire article]

Tyler Bozak: News, Notes & Articles

(above) Tyler Bozak is in the news, but its his knee that's drawing most of the media's attention

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has an feature article about Tyler Bozak's career and the NHL battle to sign the free agent at the end of the year.

Pat Rooney of the Rocky Mountain News wrote about Bozak's surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. Coach George Gwozdecky said Sunday the sophomore center likely will miss the remainder of the regular season and could be sidelined into the postseason.

Bozak Will Be Out 3-4 Months

The message board rumor about Tyler Bozak's longer recovery time turned out to be correct.

According to Eric Bacher's Blog at DenverPioneers.com, Bozak's meniscus had to be repaired yesterday during surgery. He will be out of action for three to four months.

According to Coach Gwozdecky, Denver is hoping that Bozak returns for the playoffs. The coaches will now have the unenviable task of retooling DU's offense without its most dynamic and versatile weapon.

Hockey Playing Dad Developed DU's Best Golfer

(above) Like Happy Gilmore, DU's Stephanie Sherlock has hockey blood coursing through her veins

Sources: Barrie Examiner, Hockey's Database

The University of Denver's most famous golfer, Stephanie Sherlock, is currently the #1 ranked player in NCAA women's golf. Stephanie was born in Germany, where her father was playing professional hockey, grew up in Florida and moved back home to Canada when she was 12.

Recently she was named the top amateur women's golfer in Canada by the Royal Canadian Gold Association and she hopes to lead the Pioneers to the NCAA National Championship and then turn professional after she graduates.

Sherlock, who has two spring golf seasons remaining with the University of Denver, is trying not to look too far ahead. But she is conscious of her situation, and she does have aspirations of eventually turning pro.

"I didn't take it too seriously up until this year. Now, it's like, I only have one year of school left," she said. "What am I going to do? I've got to do something. I'm definitely going to try (turning professional). I don't want to not try and wonder what would have happened."

Her father Dave Sherlock played college hockey at Northeastern University and then spent nine years playing and coaching hockey in Germany. After finishing his career in Germany, Dave moved the family to Florida.

David remembers the first time he introduced his daughter to golf.

Having bought into the Countryway Golf Club in Tampa, Fla. -- where he worked as superintendent and still has ownership stake -- it was only natural to hand then seven-year-old Stephanie Sherlock a club.

"She was more interested in driving the golf cart," David said. "She'd hit the ball and just run after it. It was too slow for her."

In truth, for a young girl living in Florida, the sport bordered on the lamest of activities.

"He would bring me out and I'd hate it," Stephanie said. "So boring. What kid wants to play golf? I'd just run around and hit the ball the odd time."

David might not have been the late Earl Woods, yet, despite his daughter's initial lack of interest in the sport and seemingly short attention span on the links, he kept her in the game.

"It's a fine line, and I tried not to push her," David said. "But she had athletic ability, for sure."

He was right about that.

Milewski Likes Denver To Win MacNaughton Cup

(left) DU hasn't won the WCHA's MacNaughton Cup since 2005

From: USCHO.com
by Todd Milewski

I tried to deflect the question I knew was coming by saying right at the top of a radio interview the other day that I thought trying to pick who’ll end up with the MacNaughton Cup as WCHA regular season champions three months from now is a futile effort.

Didn’t work. Still got the question. Who do I think will win the WCHA? I threw out Denver as my best guess. [read rest of article]

DU Alum Chris Butler Video Before 1st NHL Game

Former University of Denver player Chris Butler had an assist and was +2 in his first NHL game for the Buffalo Sabres last night. Buffalo defeated the Los Angeles Kings 5-0.

Sacred Heart Pioneers 2 - Colorado College 2

Sacred Heart "Goes West" and Ties Colorado College 2-2
"We're throwing our season away on these Friday nights," Richard Bachman said. "Every weekend, it's the same story, and we're not getting anywhere."
Sacred Heart University from Fairfield, CT. shocked the Colorado College Tigers tonight in front of 5,500 "witnesses" at the World Arena. By playing to a 2-2 tie, Sacred Heart placed another dagger in CC's rapidly disintegrating season.

Colorado College was a consensus preseason pick to win the WCHA this season. They have now failed to win the opening game of a series for nine consecutive weeks.
Box Score

Pairwise & KRACH Rankings

CC's Schedule & Results

Colorado Springs Gazette game recap
First Star: Stefan Drew (Sacred Heart)
Second Star: Brian McMillin (Colorado College)
Third Star: David Grimson (Sacred Heart)

Chevy Named To WCHA Mid-Season 1st Team

University of Denver goaltender Marc Cheverie was named to Inside College Hockey's Mid-Season All-Star Team. Cheverie leads the WCHA in wins and save percentage.

LetsGoDU - Live Video Of Bozak's Surgery

Chris Butler Gets Called Up To NHL

(above) DU Alum Chris Butler earlier this season

From: Buffalo News
by John Vogl

University of Denver Alum Chris Butler knew something was up. Portland coach Kevin Dineen pulled him aside Thursday afternoon with a little advice: Keep your phone on. The rookie defenseman had an idea that meant the Buffalo Sabres would soon be calling. Sure enough, they did.

The Sabres summoned their top defensive prospect from the minors, and the 22-year-old University of Denver product is expected to make his NHL debut tonight when the Los Angeles Kings visit HSBC Arena.

“I’m very excited, to say the least,” Butler said by phone while awaiting his connection in New York City’s JFK airport.

Butler didn’t want to jinx anything after Dineen’s words of advice, but he did call his parents. His mother cried at the news her boy could be fulfilling his dream, and Butler’s father was just as excited.

Fans should get their chance to see what the excitement is about regarding Butler. He has two goals and 10 assists in 27 games in Portland, an exceptional start for someone’s first professional season. It was time for the initial NHL test.

“It’s what you dream of,” Butler said. “For first-year guys, you’re not sure how you fit into the team’s plans, so you just play your best.

“Anytime you get the call, you’ve got to take advantage.”

The Sabres also recalled Matt Ellis for tonight’s game. The center played seven games in Buffalo at the start of the year before being sent to the Pirates. He may be needed after center Paul Gaustad, who was struck in the face with a puck during practice Monday, missed Thursday’s workout because of lingering effects from the incident.

To clear room on the roster, the Sabres placed left wing Nathan Gerbe on injured reserve. He is expected to miss two weeks with an upper-body injury.

Joe Colborne Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

While a reeling Colorado College plays Sacred Heart this weekend, DU and all its star players are back home resting and enjoying home cooked meals. Nobody will be eating bigger meals than Calgary native Joe Colborne. Just grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most awesome computer in the office.

Little Sister To Feast On Cupcake This Weekend

(above) Coach Scotty Owens has watched his preseason favorite Colorado College squad implode in last few weeks

From: Colorado Springs Gazette
bt Brian Gomez

Intent on resting goaltender Sir Pulled-Alot (Richard Bachman) and experimenting with different line combinations, #10 Colorado College can't let history repeat itself this weekend when it plays Sacred Heart at World Arena.

Losing to Sacred Heart (4-9-2) wouldn't preclude CC (10-6-4, 7-5-2 WCHA) from making the NCAA Tournament, as the WCHA Final Five champion receives an automatic berth.

It would make a rocky road - CC is tied for third in the WCHA, three points behind first-place Denver, and in nonconference, it swept Alabama-Huntsville, tied Clarkson twice, lost to No. 12 Air Force and beat Colgate - even trickier to navigate. (read rest of article)

KOA Radio Show Rips DU Over Boone Decision

(above) DU Alum & KOA Radio host Mike Rosen let DU know that he is Pro-Boone yesterday
"If DU had Boone as the official mascot, the hockey team would probably be ranked #1 in the nation right now."
- Mike Rosen
DU Alum Mike Rosen hosts Denver's most popular local radio talk show on 850 KOA. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Denver and his Mike Rosen Show covers politics, lifestyles, entertainment, sports.

Yesterday he spent 28 minutes ripping DU, Ruckus the Red-Tailed Hawk and the "decision to to not bring Boone back as DU's mascot." The callers teed off with their own stories of "politically correctness run amok" at America's universities.

Meanwhile DU is laying off 100 employees and offering severance packages to a further 1600 employees due to "the economy." Wouldn't you think that during these uncertain economic times that DU would listen to their Alumni?

Channel 9 Newscast of Boone's Demise (10/22/08)

J.P. Testwuide: From The Mountains To Magness

Click picture to enlarge

Behind every great team, there is a great captain. Download Vail's favorite hockey player, J.P. Testwuide's Wallpaper. Just grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the coolest computer in the office.

Trade A Blessing In Disguise For Matt Carle

(left) DU Alum Matt Carle

From: Philadelphia Flyers Website

DU Alum Matt Carle, the Flyers' newest defenseman, is only 23, but already he has been traded twice. The first trade, from San Jose to Tampa, surprised Carle. The second deal, from Tampa to the Flyers for Steve Downie and Steve Eminger in early November, blindsided him.

“I was shocked,” Carle said, seated in the vacant Flyers locker room at the Virtua Center Flyers Skate Zone following practice. “When the trade went down during the summer to go (to Tampa), they were excited to have me. I thought that’s a place I’d be for some time as a part of their new movement.”

Once Carle recovered from the shock, he realized he’s in a great situation in Philadelphia. While Tampa tries to rebuild under former Flyers winger Rick Tocchet, the Flyers are looking like the formidable team everyone expected, a team capable of plunging deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs. [read rest of article]

Denver Post: Latest Bozak Surgery Update

All-American hockey candidate Tyler Bozak of the University of Denver will have knee surgery Friday, but the team is hoping he'll return next month, his coach said.

"It's brutal. Pretty upset about it," Bozak said. "Nothing you can do now but hope for a fast recovery, and get back into the lineup as quick as I can." [read rest of article]

Maple Leafs Fans Are Catching Pioneer Fever

The Canadian media, namely TSN (Canadian ESPN network), are imploring Toronto to sign University of Denver forward Tyler Bozak.

From: TSN.com
Toronto GM Brian Burke is unlikely to give Matt Gilroy the one-way contract he is sure to seek, but Toronto will be in the mix and will also consider other college free agents such as University of Denver forward Tyler Bozak.
Meanwhile the Chat.MapleLeafs.com & HockeysFuture.com Message Boards have Maple Leaf fans going giddy over Tyler Ruegsegger videos.

"Get Well Soon" Tyler Bozak Wallpaper

Click picture to enlarge

While an anxious Pioneer Nation awaits the outcome of Friday's surgery, you can protect your computer desktop against evil spirits from Colorado College and other infectious WCHA foes with Tyler Bozak aka "TyBo" Wallpaper. Just grab the picture above or right click on it and "set as desktop background" and have the most awesome computer in the office.

"Matt-Trick" Picks Up WCHA Defensive Honors

(above) Matt Glasser did it all last weekend for DU

University of Denver junior forward Matt Glasser has been named WCHA Defensive Player of the Week for Dec. 16-22 as a result of his two-way efforts in a two-game conference road sweep over No. 14-ranked Minnesota State last weekend.

Glasser’s first career hat trick led DU to the 5-2 win on Saturday night at Alltel Center in Mankato. On the season, Glasser has four goals, two assists and six points while playing in all 19 games for Denver.

Bozak Had MRI On Tuesday, Surgery Set For Fri.

From: College Hockey News

Denver sophomore forward Tyler Bozak will undergo arthroscopic surgery on Friday, Dec. 19 to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee, DU head coach George Gwozdecky said. [read rest of article]

Mike Chamber's Talks To Bozak

Mike Chambers talked to Tyler Bozak and has the comments in his Denver Post Blog.

Team Canada's "Bubble Boyz" Huddled By Phone

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post reported this nugget.

DU Freshman, Patrick Wiercioch — one of the few 18-year-olds to be invited to the camp — had plenty of friends before the roster was released. He said most of the players on the bubble huddled in a hotel room, waiting for Team Canada to announce the roster for this month's world junior championship. [read rest of article]

Comrades, Support Your Goal Czar

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Colborne Becoming An Offensive Force For DU

(above) Joe Colborne has 4 goals and 12 assists this season

From: Rocky Mountain News
by Pat Rooney

After an uneven start, highly lauded freshman forward Joe Colborne is living up to his immense potential for the University of Denver.

Colborne, selected 16th overall by the Boston Bruins in the NHL entry draft last summer and the highest DU draft selection during coach George Gwozdecky's tenure, tallied only one goal and one assist during the first eight games. Yet during a six-game scoring streak that ended Saturday, the 6-foot-5 Calgary, Alberta, native posted two goals and 11 assists, showing signs of becoming one of DU's top offensive forces.

"I think, like every freshman, you go through a time period where you're learning the game, you're learning to adjust to the quicker decision-making and the physical nature of the game," Gwozdecky said. "Joe has certainly established himself over the last couple of games. He's playing with a lot more confidence. He's playing with a lot more of a physical nature when he doesn't have the puck, and as a result, he's getting the puck on his stick more often."

Photos From Around Boone Nation

(above) Its going to be a Boone Christmas

(above) DU uber-fan Steven Younger at Magness Arena

(above) Tech blogger MeanEgirl & Runnin'WithTheDogs blogger Donna at the DECC (Minnesota-Duluth's home rink)

(above) It's never too cold to "Bring Back Boone" on the Lake Superior waterfront

(above) Hey, that's Michigan Tech head coach Jamie Russell posing with Donna and her Boone shirt

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Ruegsegger's Sick 360 Degree Pass To Colborne

Get Your Matt "Trick" Glasser Wallpaper

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Wiercioch Falls Just Short Of Canadian Selection

(above) DU's Patrick Wiercioch participates in a drill while Team Canada coach Pat Quinn looks on
One scout, in Ottawa for the world junior tournament, said Friday that of the 38 players vying for spots on Team Canada, Wiercioch was the most improved player last year.
Edit: Patrick Wiercioch was not selected for inclusion on the Team Canada Roster that was released today.

Deciding who should be on his team after three days of selection camp was harder than head coach Pat Quinn thought it would be.

The head coach of Canada's junior hockey team and his assistants had to decide Sunday which 16 players will go home Monday morning and which 22 would stay and play for Canada at the world junior hockey championship in Ottawa.

One of those players was University of Denver Freshman Patrick Wiercioch. By all accounts Wiercioch played well, but he was competing for 7 of the 14 defensemen spots against some of the best young hockey players in the world. By all accounts Wiercioch made an outstanding showing and will be eligible to make the team next year.

"Somehow we'll have to some conclusions on this thing and some of the things didn't really sort themselves out as well as we'd hoped for," Quinn said Sunday following the third and final intrasquad game of selection camp.

"But that's the job but we're going to go and do it." [rest of article]